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The phrase was used in a South Korean drama called 'Crash Landing on You' (pictured) and loosely translates to You think you're the general or... [Read More]
DONALD TRUMP and Emmanuel Macron have a history of tense relations, only furthered when the US President replaced the Frenchman's photograph with a picture of... [Read More]
NBA superstar and Kim Jong Un pal Dennis Rodman called for an end to looting amid protests over the death of George Floyd, saying on... [Read More]
KIM JONG-UN and his regime are incredibly secretive as the leader looks to keep a tight grip on North Korea - but some information found... [Read More]
NORTH KOREA is ruled by 'Supreme Leader' Kim Jong-un but amid speculation over his health, experts debate whether the hermit state may be indicating his... [Read More]
KIM JONG-UN has become famous for his ruthless and violent regime - but an alleged ex-girlfriend of his who was thought to have been executed... [Read More]
NORTH KOREAN insiders have revealed how barbaric gangs in China help to prop-up Kim Jong-un's state by exploiting defectors and threatening to either return them... [Read More]
A MYSTERY object spotted at a secretive North Korea military base - where Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un is believed to be plotting to launch a... [Read More]
NORTH KOREA'S alibi for Kim Jong-un's disappearance in early May has been rejected due to one apparent glaring flaw. [Read More]
Financial Times: Pyongyang issues rare bond as coronavirus and sanctions batter economy. [Read More]
The decay of morality... [Read More]
NORTH KOREA unearthed accounts reveal Kim Jong-un's state once enforced a bizarre law that meant uncleanliness with citizen's homes was punishable by jail. [Read More]
NORTH KOREA remains a mystery to the outside world and much of what we have learned today originates from brave defectors' statements. They include one... [Read More]
Kim Jong Un has gone nuclear in a new crusade against sex — lashing out at "immorality" and "impure acts" among teens in the Hermit... [Read More]
NORTH Korea has issued a stern warning about the danger posed to its citizens by "invisible enemies" and "imperialist cultural poisoning" - conveniently ignoring Kim... [Read More]
KIM JONG-UN's dictatorial regime has unerring control over North Korea and the country's population - but this hasn't prevented the 'Supreme Leader' from fearing a... [Read More]
KIM Jon-un has launched a bizarre war on sex by targeting "immorality" among the country's teenagers, and declaring their "impure acts" to be treasonous, with... [Read More]
KIM JONG-UN is the leader of North Korea and was subject to rumours surrounding his death earlier this year. But what is Kim Jong-un's official... [Read More]
Kim Jong-un exposed: How North Korea 'doctored missile photos' amid death rumours... [Read More]
KIM Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has taken on a major new role amid rumours the leader has died. [Read More]
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