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Editor, the Advocate:Why the run on toilet paper? My parents didn't have the luxury of disposable diapers.What?After I dirtied my cotton diaper, Mom placed it... [Read More]
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on Monday, March 30 sent a letter to the Federal Emergency Management Agency outlining a dire need for resources to fight... [Read More]
Amid 25 COVID-19 related deaths in Wisconsin as of Tuesday, March 31, Milwaukee County remained in the lead among Wisconsin's 72 counties, with 12 deaths.... [Read More]
Mystic — A day after Mystic Seaport Museum submitted a letter to the state Department of Labor outlining its COVID-19-related layoffs,... [Read More]
Uncertain times... [Read More]
Dear Editor:A lot of misinformed people seem to be harping on President Trump during this COVID 19 crisis.One should think about states' rights. It is... [Read More]
Dear Editor:... [Read More]
Compare the way Republican and Democratic leaders are generally handling the coronavirus crisis. [Read More]
Starting tomorrow, there will be a nightly curfew for all citizens in Patterson. Patterson Police Chief Garrett S. Grogan says the curfew will be from... [Read More]
To the editor: In these turbulent times, we are all seeking refuge in a variety of ways. A favorite for myself and my family,... [Read More]
Firearm ownership a means of protectionThe recent uptick in local firearms ownership has become a learning experience; especially for those standing in... [Read More]
Michael Coller wrote the following letter to the editor... [Read More]
Maryland Senate President Bill Ferguson and Speaker Adrienne A. Jones called on Gov. Larry Hogan to explore in-person voting as an option during the June... [Read More]
It's times like these we should think about the vital services many people take for granted and recognize the sacrifices and value of the... [Read More]
In 1971 a Ford executive my father knew questioned why I purchased a European made car. My reply was "Why does Ford buy French steel... [Read More]
To New York State government: We are begging, pleading, urging and imploring officials to stop the budget cuts for the disabled. They are... [Read More]
In spite of swearing an oath to uphold the Constitution, our head of state acts as though this living document is a meaningless relic, ra... [Read More]
Welcome back to Gaming Shelf, io9's column all about board games and tabletop roleplaying games. It's now been a couple of weeks since social distancing... [Read More]
What Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats are doing is disgusting. The things they were trying to tack on the COVID-19 stimulus package relief bill... [Read More]
All of us are like fish out of water with the total disruption of our normal routines — work, gym, movies, dining out and recovery... [Read More]
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