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"It's time to treat in-person learning like the essential service that it is." (March 2, 2021, The White House). [Read More]
A friend passed away. [Read More]
Trump's four years in office were the nightmare that shouldn't have happened. But it did bring one good thing: His overt racism brought to light... [Read More]
A Kansas man is looking for help after he got a letter that said he owed over $11,000 in overpaid unemployment benefits. George Larmer lives... [Read More]
The White House fired the general counsel of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on Friday, continuing a push to oust controversial Trump appointees viewed as... [Read More]
In an open letter to the Government former conservation minister Eugenie Sage pushes for a ban on bottom-trawling across four million square kilometres of ocean. [Read More]
Dorothy Heidenreich, Butler, submitted a letter to the editor. [Read More]
Catherine Lalonde, Harmony, submitted a letter to the editor. [Read More]
Adding one letter makes a big difference. [Read More]
A recent letter to the editor expressed the gratitude many of us feel toward our local school board members for allowing on-site classes. [Read More]
The BTACT community comparison sample will facilitate investigation of cognitive functioning in large-scale traumatic brain injury research studies and will support secondary analysis of existing... [Read More]
Smoking causes approximately 27% of North Dakota's cancer deaths. There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. [Read More]
There is no doubt that working class loyalists and unionists are concerned about the effects of the Northern Ireland protocol. [Read More]
The White House has fired Sharon Gustafson, general counsel for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, after the controversial Donald Trump appointee refused to resign in... [Read More]
I am sure every state legislator buys insurance to cover her or his home, auto, boat, business, and health. On a regular basis, they submit... [Read More]
I suggest North Dakota representatives do their in-fighting on their own time and their own dime. This is not why you were elected. [Read More]
Students at Northern Arizona University will be returning to in-person classes for their next semester. [Read More]
I ranch near Union and irrigate from Grande Ronde tributaries — Catherine and Little creeks. I was not caught off guard by the introduction of... [Read More]
Do you realize that Trump has brought about a new era of racism that we have not seen since the 1950s. He has galvanized this... [Read More]
Raising kids is hard, you try your best to teach them to work hard, be respectful and all around good people. I myself have been... [Read More]
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