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Event organizers say the purpose of the event was to support Black people and members of the LGBTQ+ community. [Read More]
By Robert Torres... [Read More]
From the director/producer of For The Bible Tells Me So comes a new film that continues the conversation about the impact of religious belief on... [Read More]
The Supreme Court says LGBTQ persons have civil rights, but new rulings also gives religious institutions more freedom from the government. Critics see an erosion... [Read More]
Adam Rippon joins John Quiñones on the latest episode of ABC's What Would You Do? about a topic that has plagued many of us in... [Read More]
In the latest edition of its "Transgender Safer Sex" guide, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), a powerful and well-funded LGBTQ activist group, has changed the... [Read More]
Justice Clarence Thomas spoke and Chief Justice John Roberts ruled. The Supreme Court's most unusual term featured victories for immigrants, abortion rights, LGBTQ workers... [Read More]
From cult classics to recent box office successes, comedies to dramas, here are some of the best LGBTQ films streaming on different services right now. [Read More]
An elected official from LaPorte apologized for remarks during a public meeting that offended members of the LGBTQ community, the mayor and council colleagues. [Read More]
Pride Source: The Holland City Council is trying to decide whether it wants a toothless policy that states its opposition to discrimination against LGBTQ residents... [Read More]
Pride Source: The U.N. on Wednesday formally called for a ban on so-called conversion therapy. Victor Madrigal-Borloz, the independent U.N. expert on LGBTQ issues, compiled... [Read More]
The OU LGBTQ+ Advisory Board released a statement Thursday in support of international students at OU, emphasizing working together to help one another. [Read More]
They wrote that the Supreme Court's recent Bostock v. Clayton County ruling decisively rejected an argument advanced by the Trump administration. [Read More]
Why Naya Rivera's "Glee" character was so important to the LGBTQ community — especially young lesbians. [Read More]
Supreme Court ruled in favor of religious liberty in three cases, prioritizing the rights of Christians over the rights of women and LGBTQ citizens. [Read More]
Recipients of loans under the Paycheck Protection Program include the Catholic Church and the American Family Association. [Read More]
Head of North American Players Association defies advisory board to blacklist some 230 offensive words. [Read More]
The neighborhood known as Boystown in Chicago, Illinois may be soon getting a new name.  The eastern Lake View neighborhood has been known as home... [Read More]
One anti-LGBTQ group, which took as much as $1 million, appears to have no income or employees, per tax records... [Read More]
Critics say the ruling, which broadens the "ministerial exception" in employment nondiscrimination law, could open a Pandora's box of workplace discrimination. [Read More]
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