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Friday, January 11, 2019 at 01:13 PM
See Lady Gaga, Meghan Markle, Lucy Hale and more best dressed stars of the week! [Read More]
Lady Gaga issued an apology for collaborating with R. Kelly on the 2013 single "Do What U Want," and said she would remove the song... [Read More]
Christina Aguilera Speaks Out in Support of Lady Gaga & Their 'Do What U Want' Duet Christina Aguilera is voicing her support for Lady Gaga.... [Read More]
Gaga said she would try to remove 'Do What U Want', her duet with R Kelly, from streaming platforms... [Read More]
Liberty Media is reportedly in talks with Creative Artists Agency about making an investment in the sports and Hollywood talent agency that represents stars like... [Read More]
Lady Gaga's 2013 single "Do What U Want (With My Body)" featuring R. Kelly has been removed from music streaming services. [Read More]
R. Kelly criticized Lady Gaga after said she would pull their song "Do What U Want" from music sites and said she believes his accusers.... [Read More]
Bacharach, now 90, plays Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa on Saturday, Jan. 12, and then Pala Casino Spa & Resort on Feb. 23. [Read More]
Greenberg spoke out against the 'A Star Is Born' actress. Lady Gaga wrote a statement disavowing her work with R. Kelly for her 2013 song... [Read More]
For a video that was never released, the imagery of Lady Gaga and R Kelly's controversial chart-topper Do What U Want is alarmingly potent. [Read More]
Surviving R. Kelly, Lifetime's deep dive into the sexual assault and imprisonment allegations the R&B singer's carried for years, is making some serious waves. Not... [Read More]
There's nothing better to help a Hollywood career than Oscar buzz. Though you can make the argument that some of people in the race... [Read More]
Lady Gaga's avant-garde fashion has been turning heads on red carpets for years, partly thanks to a shoe designer in Boston. Thom... [Read More]
After breaking her silence on R. Kelly, Lady Gaga has delivered on her promise to dump a duet with the controversial R&B singer from digital... [Read More]
The fallout over the Lifetime documentary series about singer R. Kelly continues, Yahoo reports, as Lady Gaga has apologized for collaborating him and actress and... [Read More]
If the awards-season waters were muddied by many of the un-expected winners — and losers — at Sunday's Golden Globes, the result in the original song category... [Read More]
The one thing that can really irritate Lady Gaga is people not believing that the pain from her fibromyalgia is real. [Read More]
Lady Gaga, who opened her magestic Enigma production at Park Theater on Dec. 28, tweeted an apology for working with R. Kelly, the subject of... [Read More]
Lady Gaga is sorry for her 2013 duet with R. Kelly in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against the singer, and she intends to... [Read More]