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Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh acknowledged that landing a big, physical target for quarterback Lamar Jackson would be &... [Read More]
With almost $30 million in cap room for 2021, Baltimore can be more aggressive than most as it pursues Jackson's extension and elevating the skill... [Read More]
Ravens Coach John Harbaugh had a message Wednesday for critics of Baltimore's offense: the run-heavy attack built around Lamar Jackson is here to stay, and... [Read More]
Maybe this concept expands to other fans, even other sports. In a time of division, there is something special about acknowledging a rival by kicking... [Read More]
"Of course, absolutely, we want Lamar to sign a long-term deal and be with us," said Harbaugh. "I'm totally certain that that's going to happen." [Read More]
Berry reiterated that he's very, very pleased with Baker Mayfield, but not ready to verbally commit to a long-term extension like the Ravens are. [Read More]
Mike Florio and Charean Williams dissect John Harbaugh's comments on Baltimore being confident in re-signing Lamar Jackson and discuss what the Ravens... [Read More]
Urban spent a lot of time working under Andy Reid in Philadelphia, and most recently served as Lamar Jackson's position coach in Baltimore. [Read More]
Ravens receivers Willie Snead and Marquise Brown have suggested they will spend this offseason with Lamar Jackson trying to find some balance to their offense.... [Read More]
There's no sense of urgency between the two parties, as Harbaugh and company can utilize the fifth-year option of Jackson's contract to evaluate how he... [Read More]
John Harbaugh is defending the Ravens' run-heavy offense, saying that the team wants to keep QB Lamar Jackson long-term. [Read More]
NFL teams have a May 3 deadline to exercise the fifth-year option for 2018 first-round picks, Jackson included, but coach John Harbaugh indicated Wednesday that... [Read More]
Buffalo Bills fans continue to spread the love and Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is thankful for it. [Read More]
With Lamar Jackson as their quarterback, the Ravens have proudly zigged while the rest of the NFL zags. They're a run-first team in a pass-fi... [Read More]
"Absolutely, we want Lamar [Jackson] to sign a long-term deal and be with us," Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. "And I'm totally certain that is... [Read More]
Ravens head coach John Harbaugh is "totally certain" that the team will sign quarterback Lamar Jackson to a long-term deal, but there's still uncertainty about... [Read More]
In one of his final White House acts, President Donald Trump granted... [Read More]
Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has completed his third NFL season, which makes him eligible to sign a new contract with the team. Coach John Harbaugh... [Read More]
As with the Ravens' 2019 divisional-round loss, there was no one culprit on offense Saturday. But some were more to blame than others. [Read More]
Jackson suffered a concussion Sunday during the third quarter of the Bills 17-3 playoff victory against the Ravens. [Read More]
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