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Apologies to Meryl Streep, but House of Gucci and The Last Duel made made me a convert. [Read More]
Ridley Scott has hit out at a journalist after they asked him a question about the "realism" of his new film 'The Last Duel'. [Read More]
Ridley Scott told an interviewer to "go f*** yourself" after he insinuated The Last Duel was more "realistic" than some of the actor's previous films.... [Read More]
Screentime columnist Lucy Messineo-Witt argues audiences prematurely characterized "The Last Duel" as problematic without the regard for historical context. [Read More]
Ridley Scott is a filmmaker who has no problem speaking his mind and he's staying true to form and... [Read More]
Life is about balance, which must be why Ridley Scott made one great movie this year in The Last Duel and one middling movie in... [Read More]
Ridley Scott takes issue with a line of questioning on the historical accuracy of The Last Duel, and absolutely lets rip. [Read More]
Sat, 04 December 2021 at 7:31 pm Tweet Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Take Their Kids to a Saturday Afternoon... [Read More]
Director Ridley Scott's historical drama is now available to buy from video-on-demand services like Vudu and Amazon Prime Video. [Read More]
The Last Duel director Ridley Scott reflects on the time he almost directed Dune, but backed out due to being unhappy with the filming location. [Read More]
'The Last Duel' star Ben Affleck feels "very lucky" for his "second chances" in life, and the challenges he has faced. [Read More]
Adam Driver and Matt Damon also star in Ridley Scott's movie. [Read More]
The Last Duel is now available to watch on Digital, starting today. Here are other ways you can watch Ridley Scott's gruesome historical epic. [Read More]
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