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"Common courtesy is a lost thing replaced by an attitude of 'I have a right to do whatever I want,'" the writer says. [Read More]
What about my history? With all the condemnation of all things Confederate, I feel a need to tell my side of the story. My family... [Read More]
I've been reading with interest the story about renaming Jubal Early Drive. Winchester City Council should consider renaming it after a forgotten war hero, General... [Read More]
On one hand, I am very happy that the City Council is taking steps toward renaming Jubal Early Drive by creating the survey. On the... [Read More]
I want to thank the many people who participated in the Republican firehouse primary election on June 27th that nominated a candidate for Shawnee District... [Read More]
To the Times:... [Read More]
Leave Newport's Columbus statue aloneThe recent effort to remove the Christopher Columbus statue at the intersection of Bellevue Avenue and Memorial... [Read More]
Sometimes things just work out. It so happens that in today's opinion mix there's a guest editorial and a letter to the editor that reflect... [Read More]
In America, we are a very fortunate people. Our Constitution gave us a Bill of Rights. They were given to all of us, without effort... [Read More]
In our state, it is pretty obvious that we need a lot more from our leaders. We have been seeing states that opened up before... [Read More]
U.S. intelligence agencies told Donald Trump in March that Russia was paying bounties to Taliban fighters to kill coalition troops, including U.S. troops. His response... [Read More]
A Libertyville letter to the editor: Police are on the defensive for the detestable and unacceptable actions of those in their ranks and protesters are... [Read More]
A Warrenville letter to the editor: Shooting off illegal fireworks does not make you cool or patriotic. [Read More]
A Bloomingdale letter to the editor: I can't tell you how refreshing General Mukoyama's article was. [Read More]
A Schaumburg letter to the editor: We seriously under-support our police. [Read More]
As a resident since 1988, I have always found it troubling that the Town of Boone is named after someone who was literally on the... [Read More]
Letter to the editor... [Read More]
Regarding the article "Allegheny County reports 90 new coronavirus cases, the highest daily total for county" (June 27, TribLIVE): Why didn't you include protests in... [Read More]
What next? Once we remove our national statues, where do we go from here? As a newly anointed anarchist (not), I am sorely troubled. I... [Read More]
During the discussion of racism, which Wooster is destined to have, identification of such acts must be presented in detail and examined to distinguish... [Read More]
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