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To the Editor: I just, with interest, finished reading an article in the Tuesday, June 15, edition of the Brazil Times, written by Ivy Jacobs.... [Read More]
Gee, it's nice to see conservative politicians, pundits, and poobas coming around on the Covid vaccine.  Duh, it took 'em... [Read More]
Fifty years ago, I was recruited to assist battling a fire in the Feather River Canyon and being camped at... [Read More]
Last week I lost my purse at Home Depot and some kind and good Samaritan found it in the parking lot. They turned it into... [Read More]
Surely, there's a better name out there, writes Dr. Marshall Cossman of Grand Blanc, Michigan, in a letter to the editor. [Read More]
Respectfully, I have seen no hard data that indicate Native Americans are offended by the (former?) name of the Cleveland baseball team, writes .Joel Neilsen... [Read More]
We are not fighting about voting "restrictions." We are fighting against common sense, writes Jerome Kaye of Strongsville in a letter to the editor. [Read More]
Gary Abernathy calls for a non-accusatory style in the media and for non-supporters of Donald Trump to treat Trump supporters "with politeness and courtesy. Perhaps... [Read More]
Sen. Portman could have stayed behind the scenes and coasted to the finish line. Instead, he took on a leadership position on the bipartisan infrastructure... [Read More]
I write today to express my disappointment that the Penn Hills School Board has voted to raise property taxes yet again on residents of the... [Read More]
The recent antics of the Texas Democrat legislators to thwart the Republicans' effort to reform voting rights by leaving the state and, thereby, denying a... [Read More]
On July 23, the common council voted to opt-out to allowing marijuana dispensaries and cafés within the city of Middletown. Despite several good points brought... [Read More]
Donald Trump lost the presidential election, so now it's time to repurpose the Trump House. I think Rep. Leslie Rossi should replace the Trump statue... [Read More]
The following is a letter to the editor submitted to the Detroit Lakes Tribune by a reader. It does not necessarily reflect the views of... [Read More]
Though I respect his reasons, I disagree with letter-writer Steve A. Fazekas's challenge to the Tribune-Review to remove the daily covid count from its publications... [Read More]
I grew up in Churchill and still have family and friends living there and family members who have passed on are buried near Churchill. I... [Read More]
Jonah Goldberg's "Defenders, opponents of critical race theory prone to exaggeration" (July 9, TribLIVE) is probably one of his better columns, but I don't agree... [Read More]
Three cheers for Joe Manchin. Manchin is in the unique position of stopping a large portion of the Democrats' socialist agendas.The Democrats have a plan... [Read More]
Congress establishes the Federal Reserve (a.k.a. the Fed) with the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 with three goals: (1) optimizing employment; (2) stabilizing prices; and... [Read More]
There is a reckoning coming in Westmoreland County schools, and we are not prepared for it. The lack of consistent schooling over the past 18... [Read More]
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