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This is a response to Edward Sara's letter "Re-examine" on March 26. His logic of equating the coronavirus pandemic to death by car accidents is... [Read More]
As I open the paper this morning, April 2, I see all the letters to the editor are piled on the president and how bad... [Read More]
The Standard-Times verifies and reviews all letters to the editor we receive. The letters represent the views of the letter writers, not those of The... [Read More]
Guide Dogs adapts, serves in new realityThe coronavirus has created fear for those who depend upon the services of nonprofit organizations such as... [Read More]
Stilwell's theory... [Read More]
Post readers' letters on various local, state and national topics. [Read More]
Two letters were published recently by Pete Hayes of Adrian (March 17 and 24), both of which attack other letter writers who have criticized President... [Read More]
A bride requested that I make her bridal bouquet with a mix of ivory book pages and letters from her fiance when they were dating,... [Read More]
Post readers' letters on various local, state and national topics. [Read More]
Hospitality workers need your assistanceHospitality workers are the ones who need everyone's assistance right now, and I am not just talking about... [Read More]
Let me applaud Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg on shutting down nonessential businesses and recreational areas. [Read More]
Trump's leadership is inadequate in one of the worst crises ever. Perhaps typically quiet ex-presidents can put forth a plan for a national lockdown. [Read More]
An ER doctor criticizes Gov. Newsom for deeming the marijuana business essential amid a pandemic that causes deadly pneumonia. [Read More]
If spirituality is about the individual, then a few weeks for legally mandated isolation might actually be good for the soul. [Read More]
Useless to speculate about virus deathsThe March 30 issue of the Herald-Tribune carried an article with the leading expert in the country predicting the... [Read More]
The Roxy Letters By Mary Pauline Lowry Simon & Schuster. 309 pp. $26 --- Austin, 2012: A... [Read More]
We need to prepare for future saddled by debt... [Read More]
This is in response to Matt Cox's recent "Opinion" piece in the SDN. Calling dam removal a "bright spot" in the face of this stressful... [Read More]
Our Nation is in the midst of a deadly virus pandemic. As of March 29, 124,000+ Americans have been infected with COVID-19, millions have been... [Read More]
In today's letters to the editor: COVID-19 and MP pay; expert advice; in Italy; work from home; the arts; back to the future... [Read More]
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