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Liam Neeson has revealed that he plans to retire from action films soon. [Read More]
Liam Neeson is back in action in the new film, 'The Marksman,' the story about a rancher, a young boy he's trying to help, and... [Read More]
Liam Neeson's latest film, "The Marksman," is about a rancher who finds himself protecting a young boy from a Mexican drug cartel out to do... [Read More]
Liam Neeson says he's been approached by Seth MacFarlane and Paramount about possibly starring in The Naked Gun reboot. [Read More]
The COVID-19 pandemic is now on its second Liam Neeson thriller, The Marksman, and it dethroned WW84 at the box office... [Read More]
Liam Neeson tells us that he would like the opportunity to conclude the Clash Of The Titans trilogy. [Read More]
Liam Neeson is proving to be the king of the North American box office throughout the pandemic. [Read More]
Liam Neeson may quit acting soon. The actor has made dozens of hit films in the last few decades and has won several awards, but... [Read More]
Liam Neeson's latest action thriller The Marksman has managed to top the domestic box office, despite the current state of the industry. [Read More]
The Liam Neeson thriller "The Marksman" debuts in first place at the U.S. box office. [Read More]
It's devoid of original story points, buttressed with tropes and stereotypes, but it does have a heart and some exciting action beats. [Read More]
The sight of Liam Neeson with a gun has become commonplace in movies, but can he actually shoot? [Read More]
Liam Neeson's latest thriller, The Marksman, dethroned Wonder Woman 1984 at the box office over... [Read More]
Brace yourself: there will be no... [Read More]
Theaters are grateful for any new title. But there is zero evidence that, even where open, audiences are on the rise. [Read More]
Liam Neeson is locked and loaded. [Read More]
'The Marksman' starring Liam Neeson tops weekend box office... [Read More]
Liam Neeson's latest action-thriller, The Marksman, is the No. 1 movie in North America, earning $3 million in receipts,... [Read More]
Liam Neeson is ruling over box office charts for the second time during the pandemic. [Read More]
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