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It's the year of animation breakthroughs, with "The Lion King" battling the de-aging innovations of "Gemini Man" and "The Irishman." [Read More]
"Frozen 2" is the sixth Disney movie this year to hit $1 billion globally, strengthening the studio's sheer dominance over the box office. Those ticket... [Read More]
Growing up, Dan White's favorite movie was Disney's The Lion King. As a child, White - now a pastor for Parker Hill Church - would... [Read More]
Tickets will be honored Sunday. [Read More]
Hanover Senior High School has canceled Saturday's performance of 'The Lion King Jr.' following threats on social media... [Read More]
Hanover High School canceled their Saturday night's musical performance of the 'Lion King Jr.', after the district found out about threats made towards the high... [Read More]
"It felt like Lion King when he holds up Simba""I would have given a kidney""They don't understand how much juice is really behind this game"UPDATED:... [Read More]
Students will perform their musical production, "Lion King Jr.," this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. [Read More]
Employees at a Vancouver visual effects studio that worked on some blockbuster Hollywood films learned this week that the studio is ceasing operations in the... [Read More]
No company does Broadway better than Disney, and if you've seen the musical versions of "The Lion King" or "Frozen" then you know you're in... [Read More]
The visual effects pros behind the year's most innovative films share how they generated two Will Smiths, dropped 50 years from Robert De Niro and... [Read More]
Disney's 2019 slate will be fine, thanks to 'Avengers: Endgame,' 'Frozen II' and 'The Lion King,' even if 'The Rise of Skywalker' stumbles. However, 'Star... [Read More]
See how visual effects great Rob Legato and top cinematographer Caleb Deschanel used new tech to perfect imperfection in these 'Lion King' videos. [Read More]
The surprise Best Animated Feature nominee at the Golden Globes is far from a frontrunner, but The Lion King certainly poses an interesting upset. [Read More]
Number of the day $1 billion That's how much "Frozen II" will soon take in at the box office worldwide, becoming the sixth Disney release... [Read More]
"Joker," "Frozen 2," "The Lion King," "Ford v Ferrari" and "Toy Story 4" have scored nominations for sound mixing from the Cinema Audio Society. The... [Read More]
Animated vs. Live-Action? That's the discussion brewing after the Golden Globes nominated Disney's 'The Lion King' for best-animated feature despite the film touting itself as... [Read More]
The 2020 Golden Globe nominations were announced on Monday and some nominees have been panned by critics. "The Lion King" was nominated for best... [Read More]
Lion King remake has revived interest in a magnificent beast urgently needing protection... [Read More]
The Walt Disney Company has distributed seven films out of this year's top ten list: 'Avengers: Endgame', 'The Lion King', 'Spider-Man: Far from Home', 'Captain... [Read More]