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Higgs' execution was the third in four days, after the administration executed Lisa Montgomery, the only woman on federal death row, on Wednesday and Corey... [Read More]
US prisoners on death row, such as serial killer Ted Bundy, are given the chance to say their last words before being executed. Some, like... [Read More]
Lisa Montgomery died at our hands by execution this week. Driven mad by the cruel abuse she endured as a child, she lashed out in... [Read More]
Columns share an author's personal perspective.*****On Jan. 12, the federal government carried out the first execution of a woman since 1953. The... [Read More]
The final chapter of the Lisa Montgomery story covered some familiar territory as the woman was put to death in the early morning hours of... [Read More]
This is my first attempt at a diary. I hadn't seen this posted here, but I decided that it warranted further exposure. As... [Read More]
This week, Donald Trump sanctioned the execution of the only woman on federal death row: Lisa Montgomery. She was the 11th prisoner to be killed... [Read More]
A woman who strangled a pregnant mom to death and cut out her unborn baby to parade around as her own has been executed. Federal... [Read More]
A Kansas woman was executed Wednesday for strangling an expectant mother in Missouri and cutting the baby from her womb, the first time in nearly... [Read More]
The Trump administration's last full week in power will likely be a deadly one, with three federal executions scheduled over the course of four days.... [Read More]
The "most pro-life president in history" is leaving office in a bloodlust. How else to describe the Justice Department's determination to proceed with the execution... [Read More]
WARNING, DISTRESSING CONTENT Lisa Montgomery was given a lethal injection this week for the horrific 2004 crime, in which she strangled pregnant Bobbie Jo Stinnett... [Read More]
Even while Congress made him the only chief executive to be twice impeached, President Donald Trump continued his crusade to use capital punishment as many... [Read More]
Multiple Catholic figures, including U.S. bishops, had spoken out against Montgomery's planned execution, arguing that she was mentally unwell and that the death penalty itself... [Read More]
Lisa Montgomery strangled pregnant Bobbie Jo Stinnett to death before cutting her open to steal unborn baby Victoria Jo and attempt to claim her as... [Read More]
The federal government was willing to risk a superspreader event to kill a victim of sexual torture. [Read More]
THE family of 'womb raider' Lisa Montgomery's victim say her killer's execution has brought them "closure" and her surviving daughter is "happy" and …... [Read More]
The U.S. has executed its first woman in nearly 70-years. Lisa Montgomery died by lethal injection at the Federal Correctional Complex in Terre Haute, Indiana... [Read More]
In a controversial decision made in the 11th hour by the Supreme Court, Montgomery was put to death early Wednesday morning, despite pleas from her... [Read More]
The first woman in nearly 70 years was federally executed early this morning. In 2008, Lisa Montgomery was sentenced to death by a Missouri jury... [Read More]
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