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How do we live in a world filled with such injustice?I would like to leave a world for my grandchildren that is not overtly and... [Read More]
The event remained non-violent with minor verbal altercations popping up... [Read More]
Black Lives Matter supporters of all ages gathered for a unity rally in Frankenmuth... [Read More]
On June 8, after a weekend of Black Lives Matter protests in British cities and the toppling of Edward Colston's statue in Bristol, Raheem Sterling... [Read More]
The rally was organized by the West Virginia Black Lives Matter chapter, who say they want to keep the BLM movement going. [Read More]
Meghan Markle's friend Jessica Mulroney was at the centre of a Black Lives Matter race row in June, after being accused of using her 'white... [Read More]
Grocery retailer Trader Joe's, which refused to cave in to political correctness in its product names, is experiencing new problems with Black Lives Matter protesters... [Read More]
Over the sounds of cars roaring by and hip-hop music Saturday morning, a small group of area kids put the finishing touches on a Black... [Read More]
The Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements shout and scream they want equality and justice for all, yet time and time again they choose violence... [Read More]
"Isn't it time that we start rebuilding all of the things that have basically crumbled?" [Read More]
The man in the Black Lives Matter shirt recorded the confrontation at the Sharon Springs Park in Forsyth County and posted it on YouTube getting... [Read More]
Dan Fogelman, creator of NBC's hit drama This Is Us, says it was important that the network push the season 5 premiere up so audiences could... [Read More]
Don Gorman, former N.H. state rep from Deerfield, organized a Trump Train event with a Blue Lives Matter with a plan to drive though seven... [Read More]
In an apparent victory that is sending shock waves across the city, the members of Philadelphia's blue-collar municipal union AFSCME District Council 33 have elected... [Read More]
(THE FEDERALIST) A "black lives matter" article that recently appeared in a children's magazine popular in elementary schools, Junior Scholastic, is inflammatory, racist, and wholly... [Read More]
At its meeting Tuesday, the Champaign City Council will consider having a Black Lives Matter mural painted on the street or sidewalk in front of... [Read More]
"This is because we push so hard to make sure Black people are treated just like everybody else," Garza said. [Read More]
Black Lives Matters (BLM) has been portrayed by its detractors as many things: Marxist, radical, anti-American. Added to this growing list of charges is that... [Read More]
The Democrat mobs were back out in the street on Friday night. Black Lives Matter protesters were out in force in San Bernardino after a... [Read More]
Alicia Garza, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter, reflects on her past two decades of activism, the upcoming election and her new book, The Purpose... [Read More]
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