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More Americans say they want Congress to investigate Black Lives Matter protests than want the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot investigated, new poll results show.The... [Read More]
As Congress investigates the January 6th Capitol riot, a new poll has found that a majority of American voters believe Congress should also investigate the... [Read More]
It is unlikely Alvarado will be punished for circumventing the rules because the move was incorporated into her routine. [Read More]
Black Lives Matter-Antifa mobs caused over one billion dollars in damages in cities across America since May 2020. In Minneapolis alone, Black Lives Matter mobs damaged... [Read More]
A Harvard-educated physician alleged she was demoted after her colleagues discovered her social media posts criticizing leftist movements and rhetoric. [Read More]
While endorsing the "blue lives matter" movement, McCain denounced all anti-police rhetoric surrounding the Capitol Riots. [Read More]
The vandal used spray paint to blot out the words "Black Lives Matter" and... [Read More]
Two people accused of vandalizing a Black Lives Matter mural in Santa Cruz were in court on Wednesday. [Read More]
Big ups to this Costa Rican gymnast for putting Black Lives Matter on the world stage. [Read More]
A Black Lives Matter mural in New Jersey that was approved (pictured) was redesigned after people complained about the 'political undertones' of the BLM-inspired raised... [Read More]
A Black Lives Matter mural that was approved by officials in a New Jersey city was covered up after a few residents complained about the... [Read More]
After two young people in California were arrested for vandalizing a Black Lives Matter mural, Santa Cruz Police Chief Andrew Mills took a hard stance... [Read More]
On July 22, a Mill Valley police officerdiscovered that someone had vandalized the local art installation piece titled "Perspectives: Past, Present and Future," which fronts... [Read More]
Surveillance video shows the man spraying something over the words "present" and "equity" on the Black Lives Matter portion of the piece. [Read More]
Three people including the leader of Charleston Black Lives Matter were arrested at a nighttime protest when the rally and march at Marion Square in downtown... [Read More]
The mural on a Garden State Parkway underpass originally showed a raised fist, but that has been painted over with a white box. [Read More]
Mill Valley police asked for the public's help Wednesday in identifying a man who vandalized an art installation at Tamalpais High School last week. [Read More]
"We must invest less in police and more in social workers," President Joe Biden's Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke wrote in June of 2020. Clarke... [Read More]
Morales was demoted to captain last year over questions about officers using tear gas to quell civil unrest during Black Lives Matter protest, and other... [Read More]
As Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi picks members of a select committee to investigate the riots of January 6, a new poll finds that... [Read More]
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