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Luckin Coffee possibly faces a difficult path for long-term survival. Luckin stock is too speculative to belong in long-term portfolios. [Read More]
Facing the fallout of its fraud allgations, Luckin stock takes a hit as it loses its listing on the Nasdaq. [Read More]
There is more pain to come for Luckin stock, as more details emerge regarding the accounting scandal that rocked the Chinese coffee operator. [Read More]
Hope springs eternal among remaining investors, even as the Chinese coffee company continues to struggle against controversy. [Read More]
If Russia paid bounties, buck stops with TrumpAccording to recent news reports, the internal investigation into Luckin Coffee's accounting concluded... [Read More]
Lu was "officially" ousted as chairman on July 5, but that headline doesn't match the grim reality of this Machiavellian boardroom drama. [Read More]
Luckin Coffee has yet to release the results of a controversial shareholder vote during which Chairman Charles Lu reclassified the supervoting shares of one representative... [Read More]
Business is the foundation, of, well, business. For startups, finding a working business model and honing it through decision-making, smart hires, and relentless focus on... [Read More]
The delisting of Luckin stock isn't just a technical matter, but yet another sign of the company's indifference to U.S. shareholders. [Read More]
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