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Apple MagSafe Battery vs. Anker Magnetic Battery Pack comes down to price, iOS integration, and charging capacity in terms of overall value. [Read More]
A woman asked me, "What are we going to do?" So I told her that we will transition to electric cars, magnetic induction cooking... [Read More]
Back in March, Hyper released its HyperJuice Magnetic Wireless Battery Pack for the iPhone 12 lineup, promising customers an easy way to wirelessly... [Read More]
The German company Magent has created magnetized concrete that wireless charges electric vehicles. Indiana may be the first state to test it out. [Read More]
Grab fun toy deals on Amazon! Head on over to Amazon where you can score big on select PicassoTiles Building Block Sets when you clip... [Read More]
Victoria Villarreal always had problems with her kidneys, but in 2020, she became extremely sick and was hospitalized. Doctors were stumped, but a kidney biopsy... [Read More]
A new teardown of the new MagSafe Battery Pack offers all of us a look into the new magnetic charger for the iPhone 12 lineup. [Read More]
Seagate is working on multiple consumer hard drives featuring a 20TB capacity that will use perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) and shingled magnetic recording (SMR) technologies,... [Read More]
Houston Methodist Neurological Institute researchers from the department of neurosurgery shrunk a deadly glioblastoma tumor by more than a third using a helmet generating a... [Read More]
Get luscious lashes in a flash! For a limited time, peep on over to Amazon where you can score this Lankiz Magnetic Eyelashes w/ Eyeliner... [Read More]
The interior of a planet holds important clues to its origin and thermal and dynamic evolution. Exploring a planet's deeper layers can reveal how a... [Read More]
Regular flashes near the magnetic poles of Jupiter are seen every few tens of minutes. For four decades, the cause of auroral lights remained a... [Read More]
Someone with Apple's new iPhone 12 MagSafe battery pack has realized that the new accessory can turn a regular iPhone dock into a Magnetic one... [Read More]
China has unveiled what it hopes will be the world's fastest train, capable of reaching speeds of 600 kph (372 mph). The new "maglev" train... [Read More]
China has unveiled what it hopes will be the world's fastest train, capable of reaching speeds of 600km/h (372mp/h). The new "maglev" train uses electro-magnetic... [Read More]
Photo courtesy Zip NOLA A zipline course built over Maurepas Swamp has opened in Laplace. Zip NOLA is located at 301 Peavine Road. The facility... [Read More]
ZOTAC has announced the market launch of the newest addition to the popular MEK gaming desktop series. Introducing the MEK HERO PC Gaming series -... [Read More]
[Tom Stanton] is right about one thing: flywheels make excellent playthings. Whether watching a spinning top that never seems to slow down, or feeling the... [Read More]
A new approach to analysing the development of magnetic tangles on the Sun has led to a breakthrough in a longstanding debate about how solar... [Read More]
W. Dean Pesnell, project scientist of NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, explained that the sun goes through 11-year cycles of high to low activity. During times... [Read More]
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