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A woman riding a scooter just outside the gate of the historic Marine Corps base was run over by a car. [Read More]
On Feb. 29, the United States signed an agreement with the Taliban to bring peace to Afghanistan. The deal generated a lot of hope for... [Read More]
Three former Marines have been charged in federal court for allegedly forming an anti-BLM "death squad" that was building illegal weapons and preparing for a... [Read More]
In an emergency situation, seconds matter. Sometimes the difference between life and death can depend on the kindness of strangers, calm under pressure and a... [Read More]
"Challenges make opportunities and the Marine Corps, that's what makes us the Marine Corps. We adapt and we get things done," said SVC Danny Thomas. [Read More]
Parents of South Korean marines who died during the North Korean artillery shelling of Yeonpyeong Island mourned the deaths of their sons... [Read More]
It was unclear what injuries the woman sustained, but the woman survived, thanks in large part to the Marines' actions,... [Read More]
Four people, including one current and two former Marines and a porn star, who were charged with illegally manufacturing firearms, are revealed to be 'white... [Read More]
A group of Marines rushed to rescue a woman on a scooter who was struck by a vehicle and pinned underneath the car. ... [Read More]
The Iron March message board where they all met reportedly inspired almost 100 hate crime murders worldwide. [Read More]
In addition to communicating with Marines at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, about illegal firearms sales, the group discussed shooting protesters after scouting a Black Lives... [Read More]
According to the feds, the crew filmed a "training montage" of themselves shooting guns near one of their homes in Boise, Idaho. The video ends... [Read More]
Federal prosecutors say four men with connections to white supremacists are accused of illegally making firearms and two of them discussed shooting protesters at a... [Read More]
More like Fail Hitler. [Read More]
Video surfaced on Friday showing a dramatic rescue orchestrated by a team of Marines in the District. [Read More]
Video surfaced on Friday showing a dramatic rescue orchestrated by a team of Marines in the District. [Read More]
Two men previously charged with conspiring to make and sell illegal firearms also discussed shooting protesters after scouting a Black Lives Matter rally and had... [Read More]
Arizona Online and the College of Applied Science and Technology will enroll 150 sailors, marines and coast guardsmen in courses this spring as part of... [Read More]
Two former Camp Lejeune Marines charged last month with trying to make and sell hard-to-trace firearms had white supremacist ties, federal authorities said Friday. [Read More]
Marines with Guard Company rescued a woman from under a car after an accident in Southeast D.C. on Nov.7. After the Marines' quick response, D.C.... [Read More]
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