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MARTIN LEWIS has written to the Ministers responsible for student finance in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland, urging them to "stop hiding the university parental... [Read More]
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Financial guru Martin Lewis has explained how couples can get free money by switching banks. He revealed all in his latest Money Saving Expert newsletter... [Read More]
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MARTIN LEWIS addressed bank switching tonight on ITV's Martin Lewis' Extreme Savers. Incredibly, one saver managed to save £4,000 through effective switching and was even... [Read More]
MARTIN LEWIS, Money Saving Expert, appeared on the small screen tonight to share stories of Britons saving cash. One couple managed to purchase a property... [Read More]
David Buckeridge, who appeared on Wednesday's Martin Lewis' Extreme Savers show, takes advantage of cash switch offers to help him make an extra bit of... [Read More]
MARTIN LEWIS has explained how couples can get up to £340 in FREE cash by switching banks. If you're in a couple, you can set... [Read More]
Under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, your card provider is jointly responsible - along with the retailer - for helping you get your... [Read More]
Martin Lewis, founder of MoneySavingExpert, issued the warning to motorists before the introduction of new regulations... [Read More]
You could risk having payments declined or blocked if your bank doesn't have your most up-to-date contact details... [Read More]
Money Saving Expert, the website founded by Martin Lewis, has urged Brits to check their contact details are correct with their bank or they could... [Read More]
Court ReportWarranty DeedsJames McDaniel to Kevin Sugden. Angelia Stephens to Martin Lewis.Andres Hernandez to Maria Guadalupe Martinez.Terry... [Read More]
Official government websites as well as leading news platforms affected by major issue... [Read More]
MARTIN LEWIS' MoneySavingExpert has urged Brits to check their contact details are correct with their bank or face having payments declined. The consumer website said... [Read More]
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