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"The View" hosts react to the way Marjorie Taylor Greene responded to her colleague hanging a trans flag outside her office. [Read More]
"The View" co-host is often on the receiving end of insults about her appearance. [Read More]
"We are not ripping children from the arms of their parents. That is horrible and immoral" [Read More]
Both Meghan McCain and Re. Nicole Malliotakis had harsh words fro Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but they were joined by MeToo CEO Tina Tchen in calls... [Read More]
Meghan McCain called New York Governor Cuomo a pervert after new sexual assault allegations surfaced. [Read More]
Clips... [Read More]
Meghan McCain welcomed daughter Liberty Sage in September, just over two years after her father Sen. John McCain died... [Read More]
McCain also skewered the media for remaining "silent when it comes to any bad behavior in regards to Gov. Cuomo." [Read More]
A combative Meghan McCain demanded answers from White House press secretary Jen Psaki on how President Joe Biden's policy is all that different from President... [Read More]
"The View" co-host Meghan McCain tore into Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday as a "pervert who has harrased women," and called for his immediate resignation in light of recent sexual... [Read More]
Scarborough criticized "mainstream Republican commentators" who are now slamming Anthony Fauci, as McCain has... [Read More]
Meghan McCain pressed White House press secretary Jen Psaki regarding the Biden administration's decision to re-open a child migrant facility used while Donald Trump was... [Read More]
Meghan McCain called out the media silence over sexual misconduct allegations against embattled Governor Andrew Cuomo that emerged Wednesday. [Read More]
Meghan McCain honored her late father, former Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain, by leaving photos of her 4-month-old daughter on his grave. [Read More]
"I don't think my father, the inventor of moderate conservatism, would be too pleased to hear about this." – Meghan McCain, probably. [Read More]
McCain was attacked as entitled and clueless on social media, which only strengthened her resolve. [Read More]
One of "The View" hosts, Meghan McCain, says she's "very frustrated" with Dr. Anthony Fauci because she believes he's responsible for why she's not able... [Read More]
'Dr. Fauci is going on CNN and he can't tell me that if I get the vaccine, if I'll be able to have dinner with... [Read More]
She is angry that the leading infectious disease expert said Americans need to continue taking precautions after being vaccinated. She doubled down on her remarks,... [Read More]
"I represent the feelings of many Americans," McCain claims on Twitter... [Read More]
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