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Delores Alleckson, a nurse practitioner at Essentia Health in Detroit Lakes, often sees people with a variety of mood disorders. Alleckson said some disorders require... [Read More]
We are wrapping up Mental Health Awareness month talking about ACEs — Adverse Childhood Events/Experiences. [Read More]
The Uvalde free mental clinic is anticipating a June 6 opening. [Read More]
The Girls' Day School Trust has adopted the initiative in some of its schools, which promotes children wearing their hair as they like... [Read More]
◀Previous Post Ten years ago, the deadly Connecticut massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School wherein a gunman killed 26 people, including 20 children, proved the... [Read More]
On 'Fox & Friends,' Dr. Helen Smith gives input on the Uvalde school shooting as lawmakers shift their focus to solving the mental health crisis. [Read More]
Crowded desks, headaches and tear-stained pieces of paper are visuals most commonly discussed in the conversation surrounding students' mental health. [Read More]
A Texas official makes a stunning admission: 'It was the wrong decision' not to breach the classroom at Robb Elementary. CNN learns children called 911... [Read More]
Sometimes not even those closest to a person who is struggling with mental health issues can fully appreciate the depths of despair they find themselves... [Read More]
No, homelessness isn't driven by addiction and mental health issues. [Read More]
Hennen writes, "Texas Governor Greg Abbott asked the sheriff and mayor from Uvalde a simple question in the aftermath of this tragedy: 'What is the... [Read More]
Republicans who cry mental health when asked about gun control prove there may actually be some deficient thinking driving mass shootings — just not what... [Read More]
Columbia River Mental Health Services has launched a Mobile Night Crisis team to provide direct mental health counseling and treatment to vulnerable individuals and relieve... [Read More]
Mass shootings and other types of trauma can have ripple effects not only for survivors but also for those who follow the news of the... [Read More]
Depending on a student or staff member's proximity to a tragedy, a variety of services... [Read More]
Trump zeroes in on school security, mental health in campaign-style NRA speech just days after massacre in Uvalde, Texas. [Read More]
The Lone Star State has declared itself a "Second Amendment sanctuary" [Read More]
Wounded marine staff sergeant John Jones describes the non-profit's efforts to prevent veteran suicide on 'Fox News @ Night.'... [Read More]
The shooting also laying bare the discussion surrounding mental health in the community.Experts explain it should not be considered taboo, otherwise barriers and cycles will... [Read More]
"Mental health is an issue, but then put your money where your mouth is," State Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks said. "We've got to pay for... [Read More]
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