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Multibillionaire Michael Bloomberg landed in Las Vegas like a highly anticipated show on the Strip. But when he took to the stage with five competitors... [Read More]
The former New York Mayor isn't subverting the American electoral system, he's exploiting it. [Read More]
Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former New York mayor-turned-U.S. presidential hopeful, has barely got his 2020 campaign off the ground but is already talking about bitcoin... [Read More]
Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg took flak from all sides in Wednesday's contentious debate. The fireworks were a sight to behold. But politically inspiring?... [Read More]
The Democratic presidential contenders begin a frantic dash for votes on Thursday after a fiery debate featuring a volley of attacks on big-spending billionaire Michael... [Read More]
"We're going to need someone who's strong who can take on Trump, who has the resources to run a very efficient 50 state campaign." [Read More]
Supporters of Michael Bloomberg gathered at a Walnut Creek restaurant on Wednesday night, cheering for their chosen candidate as he hit the debate stage for... [Read More]
Candidates attacked Michael Bloomberg in his first 2020 Democratic debate on Wednesday night in Las Vegas. [Read More]
President Trump lambasted former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg's debate performance calling it 'one of the worst in the history of debates'. [Read More]
According to our experts, Michael Bloomberg didn't live up to the promise of his TV ads in his first debate. But who did his unsteady... [Read More]
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made his debut on a presidential debate stage -- and spent the night fending off bitter attacks from... [Read More]
Piers Morgan slammed Michael Bloomberg for his 'appalling abuse of power' over employees of his media company during Wednesday's night episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight... [Read More]
Democrats took the stage in Las Vegas for their most heated gathering yet, with former Mayor Michael Bloomberg taking much of the fire. [Read More]
David Zurawik: The one-two punch of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren firmly established a characterization of Michael Bloomberg as just another version of Donald Trump.... [Read More]
Michael Bloomberg would have been better off not turning up. This was the first presidential debate he had qualified for and his first political debate... [Read More]
Elizabeth Warren raged against the dying of her campaign's light, while Michael Bloomberg withered under scrutiny. [Read More]
Michael Bloomberg faced a barrage of attacks at his first Democratic presidentia... [Read More]
Michael Bloomberg faced a barrage of attacks at his first Democratic presidential debate on Wednesday, as his rivals assailed the free-spending and fast-rising billionaire over... [Read More]
The $60,000,000,000 punching bag. [Read More]
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