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On Thursday's Good Morning America, co-host Michael Strahan performed the first interview with Jacob Blake, who's partially paralyzed after being shot seven times by police... [Read More]
Jacob Blake, the Kenosha man left paralyzed after an officer-involved shooting in August of 2020, sat down with GMA's Michael Strahan for his first interview... [Read More]
For the first time, Kenosha police shooting victim Jacob Blake speaks with ABC's Michael Strahan for Good Morning America. [Read More]
In an ABC News exclusive, Jacob Blake sits down for an interview with Michael Strahan for the first time since being shot and partially paralyzed... [Read More]
Speaking to Good Morning America 's Michael Strahan Thursday, Jacob Blake said he went 'limp' after being shot in his car and had believed he... [Read More]
Jacob Blake interview with Michael Strahan on GMA about Kenosha shooting... [Read More]
In an exclusive interview with Good Morning America, Jacob Blake tells Michael Strahan he "kinda went limp" after he was shot seven times by a... [Read More]
Jacob Blake is speaking publicly for the first time since the DA's decision not to file any charges in an exclusive interview with Michael Strahan... [Read More]
Jacob Blake, who was shot in the back by a Kenosha police officer seven times, leaving him partially paralyzed, has spoken with the media for... [Read More]
Blake spoke with 'Good Morning America' co-anchor Michael Strahan about what was going through his mind after he was shot seven times in the back... [Read More]
Blake granted Good Morning America's Michael Strahan his first interview since the District Attorney announced he would not be filing criminal charges against the officer... [Read More]
Thursday morning on Good Morning America, Michael Strahan has an exclusive interview with Jacob Blake. [Read More]
Jacob Blake, the man shot seven times by a Kenosha Police officer, will give his first interview to Good Morning America's Michael Strahan Thursday. [Read More]
Jacob Blake, paralyzed after being shot by a Kenosha officer, gives an exclusive interview to "Good Morning America" Thursday. Here's a preview. [Read More]
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