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Michelle Obama's memoir has remained Amazon's best-selling book for 47 days, the longest a book has remained at number one since Fifty Shades of Grey... [Read More]
The autobiographical memoir Becoming was only released in the US and Canada on November 13, and within one week became an instant New York Times... [Read More]
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Mr. Barry in his Jan. 4 letter wrote in paragraph 3: "Melania faces far less ridicule than did Michelle Obama." Have you seen the difference... [Read More]
A week after Houston native Travis Scott donated $100,000 to Workshop Houston, teens in the after-school creative program celebrated former First Lady Michelle Obama's birthday... [Read More]
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Canadian skincare guru Jennifer Brodeur has been working with Michelle since 2014 after the pair met through mutual friend Oprah Winfrey at Michelle's 50th birthday... [Read More]
The former First Lady's new book, "Becoming" has broken the sexy novel's record for the being at the top spot the longest on Amazon's bestseller... [Read More]
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