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Friday, February 14, 2020 at 12:03 PM
Bernie Sanders is heading polls in California, Texas. Mike Bloomberg's appearance Super Tuesday could backfire. [Read More]
Mike Bloomberg campaign adviser Tim O'Brien tells CNN's Jim Sciutto that the businessman will have to apologize for the stop-and-frisk policy for "the rest of... [Read More]
Mike Bloomberg's ploy to reach voters through bad Instagram memes may be tacky, but it is not violating any Facebook or Instagram rules, as long... [Read More]
A short list of things Mike Bloomberg could buy with his campaign money that would improve his election prospects... [Read More]
Mike Bloomberg's presidential campaign has hired a meme collective to deploy meme-ads all over Instagram — see them here. [Read More]
We're heading towards March 3rd, 'Super Tuesday,' and the race for the Democratic presidential nomination remains competitive. A field of 29 candidates has been winnowed... [Read More]
Its policy change comes days after presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg exploited a loophole to run such humorous messages promoting his campaign on the accounts of... [Read More]
Bloomberg's bad memes might just be the beginning. [Read More]
President Donald Trump and former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg tangled on Twitter on Thursday with some especially petty insults, with Trump calling "Mini Mike"... [Read More]
The campaign of former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg announced the endorsements of more than 30 Virginians on Friday. [Read More]
Democratic presidential candidates hoping to revive their flagging campaigns increasingly took aim at Mike Bloomberg, blasting their billionaire rival for trying to buy his way... [Read More]
In December 2015, employees at Everytown for Gun Safety, the gun control organization funded by Mike Bloomberg, arrived at work to find a holiday gift... [Read More]
Seven events, three states, two days.Mike Bloomberg has wrapped up a barnstorming trip to capitalize o... [Read More]
Opinion by Arick Wierson The next time aspiring Democratic presidential candidates line up on stage for a debate, there might be a new face among... [Read More]
A day after opening, Mike Bloomberg's campaign office in Youngstown was vandalized. [Read More]
Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg misleadingly stated that he "cut" the police practice of stop-and-frisk -- a policy that he "inherited" -- by "95%"... [Read More]
Mike Bloomberg, 77, perhaps with an eye on Donald Trump's rampant social media successes in 2016, has vowed to spend $2billion to get the Democrats... [Read More]
"The Late Show" host also compared Mike Bloomberg to President Donald Trump, "another New York billionaire with a questionable history with women." [Read More]
Getting out and shaking hands is for the little people—the millionaires—and Michael Bloomberg doesn't have to stoop to that level. [Read More]
While many of the former New York mayor's proposals look familiar, his rationales often reflect someone who made billions bringing financial data into the information... [Read More]
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