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Just in time for flood awareness week, the City of Bismarck released its Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan for 2020. In this plan, officials lay out ideas... [Read More]
Allergic to dust? You may want to look at the pillow you sleep on! FOX 10's Kari Lake has a trick on how to minimize... [Read More]
Parents everywhere are wondering how they can prevent their children from being instantly saddled with a seemingly insurmountable pile of student loan debt as soon... [Read More]
This is the perfect solution for guitarists looking to minimize their performance rigs to the smallest size... [Read More]
At a time when people are becoming more conscious of what they can do to minimize their environmental impact, travel companies have responded by rethinking... [Read More]
Politicians who lament environmental regulation of polluting industries should be required to take an extended tour of abandoned mine lands in Northeast Pennsylvania.By allowing mining... [Read More]
Northwest Navy bases will participate in an annual anti-terrorism force protection exercise called Exercise Citadel Shield-Solid Curtain 2020 (CS/SC 20) February 3-14. Measures have been... [Read More]
OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) –  If you're planning to travel later this year, you may already be dreading the hassle at the airport. However,... [Read More]
As an investor, how do you avoid the next possible 50% correction and minimize the downside risk when it takes place? [Read More]
At least 17 people have died from the rapidly spreading coronavirus. China is now quarantining 11 million people to keep the virus from spreading as... [Read More]
 Agricultural experts at a meeting have stressed promotion of modern irrigation technologies to minimize the dependence of groundwater in irrigation as it would not hamper... [Read More]
While runoff from Lenawee County has some effect on the annual algae bloom that forms in Lake Erie, farmers can and do practice techniques that... [Read More]
Many on the left prefer a system that grants minimum guaranteed income paid for by the government, free college education for all, no states rights,... [Read More]
You're at happy hour with your friends, and although you know you'll regret it, you do it anyway: You overindulge. "Just one more round" turns... [Read More]
The New York Times is lining up excuses for why the Democrats' brilliant impeachment case against Trump is not sinking in with Republicans: Conspiracy! That's... [Read More]
What are officials doing in the U.S. to combat the coronavirus, and how can you minimize your risk? [Read More]
Beaumont Health has fired an employee suspected of disclosing confidential information of more than 1,000 patients to a person believed to have been working on... [Read More]
State Representative Craig S. Riedel (R-Defiance) applauds the initiative to support local famers and minimize the phosphorus runoff in Ohio's waterways. The …... [Read More]
The group would assess how the state responded to the 2019 flooding, and how they could have done better. The force will develop strategies to... [Read More]
Right-wing media have been laying the groundwork for Trump's acquittal for half a century. [Read More]
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