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It's that time of year when the quick, faint flashes fill the yard and kids run to catch fireflies to only let them go again,... [Read More]
St. Louis saw unusually calm weather in May, which is normally known for severe storms. [Read More]
While many other annual events may have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, nothing stops the schedule of Mother Nature. [Read More]
Deep tropical moisture will stream across the Gulf bring rounds of rain to our forecast circle. Heaviest rainfall will be south of I-10 with models... [Read More]
People are interested in weather for all sorts of reasons. It may be because you find it fascinating there is a whole other world above... [Read More]
Wednesday started off as a day of downpours as Mother Nature opened the floodgates and soaked South Florida. In Surfside,... [Read More]
What happened to our weather…Mother Nature is at it again! We went from hot weather to 20 degrees cooler in a blink of an eye.... [Read More]
History is biased, and not just because the victors tend to write it. The study of history is largely the study of humankind – specifically,... [Read More]
Vivid lightning could be seen during the evening of June 2 as thunderstorms moved through Appleton, Wisconsin. [Read More]
June is here, and Mother Nature apparently got the memo. A prominent "ring of fire" pattern is becoming established across the Lower 48, with stifling... [Read More]
Life equals work, work equals lifeLife equals work equals life. Don't believe it? Don't feel lonely. There are a lot of politicians and judges who... [Read More]
Monsoon 2020 is two weeks away, but mother nature delivered some signs of life on Monday. A couple of storms turned severe earlier on Monday,... [Read More]
Mother Nature is bringin' the heat this week and potentially a few thunderstorms for Wednesday. [Read More]
MONROE, LA (06/01/20) Granny's Soup Kitchen is beginning to reopen their doors after not being able to serve meals for several months. Time and Mother... [Read More]
It took an extra day, but NASCAR wrapped up its week of racing at Charlotte Motor Speedway, with help from mother nature scattered through the... [Read More]
KPRC2's severe weather team helps get you ready for whatever Mother Nature brings our way in the future with our Hurricane and Flood Survival Guide... [Read More]
The Atlantic hurricane season officially began Monday, but Mother Nature doesn't seem to know that. [Read More]
It's the first day of the Atlantic Hurricane Season... [Read More]
It's the first day of the Atlantic Hurricane Season…and Mother Nature is wasting no time to remind us that hurricane season has arrived. Growing confidence... [Read More]
Gary Cox was close, but it isn't Mother Nature; it is the Father in Heaven sending the message to us. I am also a scientist... [Read More]
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