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The land where Mt. Rushmore was carved was stolen from the Lakota tribe in the 1870s by prospectors. [Read More]
The mischaracterization of the Mount Rushmore speech is not an anomaly. Trump's critics in the media have fallen into an insidious habit of taking his... [Read More]
The Pennington County Sheriff and an organizer for the protest near Mount Rushmore on July 3 are defending their actions while accusing the other of... [Read More]
I did not watch or listen to President Donald Trump's Fourth of July speech at Mount Rushmore. But I did read the reactions the next... [Read More]
After pictures surfaced showing him... [Read More]
I missed President Trump's Mount Rushmore speech , so when I read the press coverage, I braced for the worst. The New York Times reported... [Read More]
I remember back at the very end of the Reagan presidency when R. Emmett Tyrrell proposed in the pages of the American Spectator that Reagan... [Read More]
Letter writers advocate for increased police funding, question the celebration at Mount Rushmore and demand people wear masks. [Read More]
Mount Rushmore may be South Dakota's best-known carving of U.S. Presidents, but the state is actually home to many presidential statues. You can find one... [Read More]
After President Donald Trump's rally in front of Mount Rushmore, where he so disrespected the Great Sioux Nation and our country with his appalling performance... [Read More]
President Donald Trump made a surprisingly positive impression with his Independence Day speech at Mount Rushmore. [Read More]
"Dark and divisive" it was not. [Read More]
Dear Editor: Trump's photo ops are looking more and more like Putin's; posing alongside Mount Rushmore, holding a bible up in front of a Church,... [Read More]
Donors from across the nation have helped raise about $2.4 million to support protesters arrested before the July 3 fireworks ceremony at Mount Rushmore. [Read More]
The Mount Rushmore July 3 event cost the state an estimated $1.5 million but has generated an estimated $2 million in revenue, according to the... [Read More]
Firework smoke still lingered in the sky over Mount Rushmore as journalists began their daily routine of story-spinning, as if their very lives depended on... [Read More]
Reader: At Mount Rushmore on July 3rd, Trump gave a campaign speech disguised as a presidential address. [Read More]
In reading the news on July 4th, I came across the speech that President Trump made at Mount Rushmore the night before. What struck me... [Read More]
The U.S. presidents enshrined on South Dakota's famed Mount Rushmore all have one thing in common, and it's not necessarily the obvious, "they were great... [Read More]
I missed President Donald Trump's Mount Rushmore speech Friday night, so when I read the press coverage over the weekend I braced for the worst.... [Read More]
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