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He would not say why Mr. Trump didn't take the opportunity to debunk the theory when he was asked about it at a press conference... [Read More]
The President's longtime 'fixer' Michael Cohen has promised to spill the beans on Mr Trump's sordid secrets in his new book - called Disloyal -... [Read More]
There is an old joke that has been used with President Trump. It goes like this: Journalists were invited by Mr. Trump to a party... [Read More]
Barack Obama has accused Donald Trump of trying to "actively kneecap" the US postal service ahead of the presidential election, which is expected to be... [Read More]
The Biden campaign issues a scathing response after Mr Trump spreads false information about Kamala Harris. [Read More]
President Trump has requested a mail-in ballot for Florida's Tuesday primary election, despite weeks of criticizing the practice. Ballots were mailed on Wednesday to both... [Read More]
President Trump's campaign on Friday said Mr. Trump plans to head to Wisconsin on Monday -- the first day of the mostly virtual Democratic National... [Read More]
From the moment he insisted that his Inauguration Day crowd was the biggest ever, Donald Trump has marred the presidency by distortion and manipulation. Now... [Read More]
In his memoir, "Disloyal," Michael D. Cohen, President Trump's onetime lawyer and fixer, claims that he had unique access to Mr. Trump, a man with... [Read More]
Mr Trump's predictions come as slew of progressive Democrats upset establishment incumbents in New York primary... [Read More]
America is to scrap water conservation measures after President Trump's frequent complaints that low-power showers are ruining his "perfect hair".The announcement today comes after Mr... [Read More]
More than a dozen major U.S. multinational companies raised concerns in a call with White House officials Tuesday about the potentially broad scope and impact... [Read More]
It must be concluded that Donald Trump with his erratic and deeply flawed character poses a serious threat to American freedom and prosperity and to... [Read More]
Don't make it obvious, Mr. Trump. Make reporters work to establish Kanye West's ties to your campaign. [Read More]
Dear Editor:President Trump declared war against the coronavirus far too late in the ballgame.Many people have died needlessly. Decisive leadership was needed at the outset.... [Read More]
President Trump wasted little time before criticizing Senator Kamala Harris as "nasty" and a "phony" after Joe Biden picked her as his running mate. But... [Read More]
Experts needed during briefings Holding COVID-19 briefings without experts is not a good strategic decision if Mr. Trump wants to send the message that he... [Read More]
President Trump's executive orders to extend unemployment benefits and cut payroll taxes have been called an unconstitutional end run around Congress. But Mr. Trump has... [Read More]
If Donald Trump were to square off with US founding father George Washington in an election, the current president would have had a leg up... [Read More]
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