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A hot war with China or Russia? Is that in our future? It may be if US Sec'y of Defense mark Esper is to be... [Read More]
At the Munich Security Conference, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper lays out recent Chinese aggression and the threat it poses. [Read More]
By Editors of The Free Iran Herald  Updates on events unfolding in Iran US Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) confirmed on Tuesday the breaking reports that he... [Read More]
Find out where upgrading America's nuclear weapons stands, find out how much money the Navy wants to save and see highlights from the Munich Security... [Read More]
At the Munich Security Conference, allies argued with each other as much as their adversaries, rejecting Trump administration views on issue after issue. [Read More]
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in the midst of a major foreign trip, visiting multiple continents to make a pitch for Western unity against... [Read More]
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