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which is why it now has slapped one on the program. This warning will be ... [Read More]
In many instances throughout the country these actions are justified. In others, not so much. [Read More]
Last week, Disney+ added The Muppet Show to its streaming roster and TV, music and Muppets fans everywhere rejoiced with good reason. For one, the... [Read More]
The only thing bigger than 'The Muppet Show' landing on Disney+ was the rover landing on Mars, but maybe it was Agatha all along.... [Read More]
18 episodes of Jim Henson's variety show now carry a "negative depictions" warning... [Read More]
Will we ever get to see Don Knotts team up with the Electric Mayhem?! [Read More]
Jim Henson's classic series "The Muppet Show" began streaming on Disney+ on Friday, but now comes prefaced with an offensive content disclaimer."This... [Read More]
Disney+ has added a warning message before of some episodes of The Muppet Show. [Read More]
What's the big deal with Disney+, the entertainment company's streaming service, placing disclaimer warnings on 18 episodes of the original "The Muppet Show" series for... [Read More]
The truth is, it is harder being normal. The forces of authoritarianism have come for, of all things, the Muppets. I did not speak out,... [Read More]
Warns viewers of stereotypes, negative depictions of cultures in certain episodes... [Read More]
Disney+ is warning viewers that some episodes of "The Muppet Show" feature "negative depictions" and "mistreatment of people or cultures." [Read More]
Instead of getting rid of controversial episodes, "The Muppet Show" has put disclaimers before every episode. [Read More]
Before playing the music and lighting the lights, fans who choose to binge "The Muppet Show" on Disney+ will be shown an "offensive content" warning ahead of select episodes. [Read More]
A 12 second disclaimer appears in front of 18 episodes across the show's five seasons. [Read More]
Disney+ has added a content disclaimer at the beginning of 18 episodes of The Muppet Show. [Read More]
The Wayne Dupree Show covers the latest Hollywood News. Starting off with Kayne West & Kim Kardashian Divorce and Disney+ gives the 'Muppet Show' an... [Read More]
Disney+ is under fire for adding a content warning before "The Muppets Show," which dropped on the streaming platform Friday. The... [Read More]
As society continues to re-examine its mistreatment of people of all kinds, Disney has decided to help enforce change. The Muppet Show, which streaming service... [Read More]
Disney's streaming service, Disney+, uploaded more than 100 episodes of "The Muppet Show" over the weekend, however some fans noticed missing content and a new... [Read More]
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