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NASA Mars Rover Perseverance is giving a never-before-seen view of the Red Planet just days after its successful landing. [Read More]
The internet was able to crack down a hidden message that NASA had embedded in its Mars rover named Perseverance parachute... [Read More]
The new NASA Mars rover named Perseverance had a hidden message embedded in its parachute! The internet was able to guess the message in just... [Read More]
Breanna Ivey did the mathematical calculations that allow the rover to navigate on the red planet in its search for signs of ancient life. [Read More]
Social media users say message is encoded in abstract red-and-white pattern on parachute... [Read More]
The rover also brought a message from Northern California... [Read More]
People in the village of Jezero gathered in a school gym and cheered when the rover landed in a Martian crater named after the Bosnian... [Read More]
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