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After China's National People's Congress reopened last week, it established a new civil code that for the first time ever defines sexual harassment to be... [Read More]
Last week, China's National People's Congress set in motion new, restrictive legislation for Hong Kong. Activists in Hong Kong have already dubbed this move as... [Read More]
China's most important political event of the year told investors to expect three key things: stimulus will be put on a diet, stock volatility following... [Read More]
The Chinese Communist Party's National People's Congress has just passed the National Security Law that ends Hong Kong's judicial independence. Its enactment signals the final... [Read More]
By a majority of 2,878 to one (with six abstentions), The National People's Congress this week rubber-stamped a proposal that will change life for the... [Read More]
Dozens of people protested in a mall in Hong Kong on Friday following a vote by China's ceremonial parliament to approve legislation that could severely... [Read More]
The US has raised the possibility of revoking Hong Kong's special trading status due to the national security law approved by China's National People's Congress... [Read More]
Before the coronavirus pandemic shut down international travel, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam embarked on a charm offensive at a gathering of global elites.... [Read More]
European foreign ministers will meet on Friday to try to hack out a common position after the Hong Kong national security law was approved by... [Read More]
China's National People's Congress on Thursday approved a controversial national security bill for Hong Kong... [Read More]
National People's Congress deputy and leading academic says calls to take island by force no help to cross-strait relations. [Read More]
Britain will give greater visa rights to the people of Hong Kong unless China suspends new security laws in the territory, the foreign secretary has... [Read More]
China's legislature endorsed a national security law for Hong Kong on Thursday that has strained relations with the United States and Britain and prompted new... [Read More]
The proposal in China's National People's Congress would be in retaliation for lawsuits brought against China and the ruling Communist Party by several US states... [Read More]
Enlarge this image ... [Read More]
China's National People's Congress has created a legislative process to criminalize certain behavior in Hong Kong. Pro-democracy advocates in Hong Kong, as well as the... [Read More]
Premier Li Keqiang confirmed China's 4 trillion yuan (US$559 billion) worth of cost cuts on the final day of the National People's Congress on Thursday. [Read More]
The National People's Congress authorized lawmakers to draft and enact a national security law aimed at suppressing dissent in Hong Kong. The U.S. says it... [Read More]
China's National People's Congress ended on Thursday with the adoption of the first-ever Civil Code and controversial legislation on Hong Kong. But to what extent... [Read More]
China's National People's Congress (NPC), its rubber-stamp legislature, passed a draft law on Thursday eliminating Hong Kong's autonomy. [Read More]
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