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An artist raised in Banks, and a member of Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, artist Steph Littlebird has wanted to share some real history of... [Read More]
As he approaches his 80th birthday next month, Killeen resident Kenneth Hendrix has become the star pupil in an ongoing series of classes about Native... [Read More]
Reports of Bigfoots have been made for decades, with some people convinced of their existence and others dismissing the myriad of claims made over the... [Read More]
Native American leaders convened in Denver on Friday for a ceremony aimed at moving forward the renaming of Mount Evans, an effort that stalled after... [Read More]
A coalition of advocates dedicated to stemming the tide of violence and missing persons... [Read More]
They want the governor to withdraw her appointment of James Mountain, citing charges he once faced. [Read More]
Thurston County has denied claims that redrawn county board of supervisors districts purposely discriminate against Native American voters who make up a majority of the... [Read More]
Cherokee Nation Foundation is offering a free ACT Boot Camp to Native American students preparing for the national exam. [Read More]
A coalition of advocates dedicated to stemming the tide of violence and missing persons cases in Indian Country is demanding more transparency from New Mexico... [Read More]
The North Dakota House has rejected a resolution to designate the Winchester Model 1876 as the state firearm. The vote came after an emotional speech... [Read More]
Surthrival announces new Black Walnut Protein Powder with 17g of pure, complete protein per serving. Sustainably foraged from wild-grown, native North American Black Walnut trees,... [Read More]
Does New Hampshire's Commission on Native American affairs need reorganization? The consensus on Wednesday was "no."The bill under discussion on Wednesday at the New Hampshire... [Read More]
The transfers marked another example of Indigenous people reclaiming stewardship over the land and animals that their ancestors managed for thousands of years. [Read More]
Extensive trails in the Big River Management Area in Coventry, R.I., weave through resplendent groves of white pine, ascend a rocky knoll lined with vestiges... [Read More]
The exhibition features over 100 artworks by twelve artists, ranging from painting, photography, woodworking, textiles, and beadwork to installation art. [Read More]
The fentanyl-opioid crisis is hitting young people hard and some of the highest death rates are in Native American communities. The Cherokee Nation is working... [Read More]
Monte Mills, professor of law at the University of Washington and director of the UW Native American Law Center, discusses the significance of Arizona v.... [Read More]
The North Dakota House of Representative rejected a measure to establish the Winchester Model 1876 as the official state firearm after one of the chamber's... [Read More]
The Portland Art Museum has offered up a groveling apology after it asked a Native American woman to abide by the rules of the institution... [Read More]
Rep. Jayme Davis, an enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa, said hunters' use of the Winchester Model 1876 to kill buffaloes robbed... [Read More]
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