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That's great, but WTF is sNEWSi?
Permit lets Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Native American tribes kill 540 California sea lions and 176 Steller sea lions... [Read More]
As more than 650 parents in the district responded to a survey that they don't want their kids in school buildings this fall during the... [Read More]
This program will introduce students to the field of Environmental Studies through the lenses of Marine Science, Native American and Indigenous Studies, and Political Ecology. Our focus... [Read More]
The new Mississippi flag could include a magnolia or stars or representations of rivers. Or it could reflect the state's Native American heritage with a... [Read More]
One hundred years ago, women in the United States officially achieved the right to vote — technically. In reality, many women still could not vote... [Read More]
Long underrepresented in genre fiction, Native American and First Nations authors are reshaping its otherworldly (but still often Eurocentric) worlds. [Read More]
A northeastern Washington Indian tribe created a unique immersion school to preserve their language and culture, but the success of the program is being threatened... [Read More]
JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - The new Mississippi flag could include a magnolia or stars or representations of rivers. Or it could reflect the state's Native... [Read More]
Following a unanimous vote on Thursday, the Public Schools of Petoskey will be removing its Native American logo from district use. [Read More]
He works in spray paint — influenced by the graffiti he'd walk past every day growing up in Little Village, though he says he shunned... [Read More]
GLADSTONE, N.J., Aug. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The need for clean water is a daily challenge for many Navajo people of New Mexico and Arizona,... [Read More]
Pittsfield is no longer the home of the Braves. The Pittsfield School Committee voted to retire their embattled Native American mascot at Taconic High School.... [Read More]
Since the first unofficial gathering in 1903, the Crow Fair has become an annual event welcoming Native American tribes from the Great Plains. The event... [Read More]
Robbyn's Nest Education Center in Sherman is back open to the public and is following state rulings and policies during the pandemic. ... [Read More]
Magnolia trees, the Mississippi River, and Native American symbols were among the design themes that made the cut. [Read More]
A judge has rejected a bid from the only Native American on death row to push back his execution date. U.S. District Judge David Campbell... [Read More]
The Museum of Native American History announces MONAH's Native Conversation series will feature J R Mathews and Brad O'Hara Aug. 15 at 5:30 p.m. [Read More]
The only Native American on federal death row lost a bid Thursday to push back his execution date. Unless Lezmond Mitchell gets relief... [Read More]
Attorneys for a Native American man set to be executed Aug. 26 in Indiana say the government isn't following proper execution protocols. [Read More]
"We need the help of people outside my small community, to help others become knowledgeable of these issues and ultimately work together to do what's... [Read More]
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