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November was Native American Heritage month, celebrated with a number of events and presentations. Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health hosted a keynote discussion... [Read More]
To the editor:Amid the discussion of changing Amesbury's mascot from an image of a Native American, there is one point that I'm not hearing made:... [Read More]
Centering Tribal Stories will train University of California scholars on collaborations with Native American communities. [Read More]
Ms. Shenandoah was considered the matriarch of Indigenous music for revolutionizing its sound. She won a Grammy Award for her contributions to a 2005 album. [Read More]
The competitive scholarship recognizes students who 'want to contribute an Indigenous voice in the field of archaeology'... [Read More]
In honor of Native American Heritage Month, Fort Gibson resident Megan Kelley will be at the "Q" today at 4 p.m. to present Native American... [Read More]
In the culmination of Native American Heritage Month, on Tuesday JW Smith Elementary students witnessed an array of powwow dancing and learned about an important part of... [Read More]
On Tuesday, the popular "Dr. Phil" show will focus on the Missing/Murdered Indigenous People (MMIP) crisis.The episode summary states: You have... [Read More]
For almost 80 years the organization has been working to connect local indigenous people. [Read More]
This month's update includes notes about National Native American Heritage Month, IDEA Council recommendations, a talk on Indigenous people's rights, a colloquium on anti-Asian racism... [Read More]
November is Native American Heritage Month and Indigenous students at Temple are sharing how they connect with their cultures and educate others about their backgrounds. [Read More]
Many residents of Rim Country only know the Tonto Apache for their Mazatzal Hotel and Casino, but they also have members of the tribe with... [Read More]
Opinion: UMass sits on the Pocumtuc Nation's land, so at the very least, we should have an Indigenous Studies department, writes Srija Nagireddy. [Read More]
In January 2020, the Five College Native American and Indigenous Studies Program at the University of Massachusetts was awarded with a $2.5M grant from the... [Read More]
Most "Native-inspired" art is fake or stolen from Native American culture—but a new generation of Indigenous artists is decolonizing the status quo. [Read More]
Parents say when their 14-year-old daughter, Henny Scott, disappeared three years ago, her case didn't get any attention -- they claim because she is Native... [Read More]
Two Native American women share why they are so passionate about educating their communities about the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) crisis in the... [Read More]
The Native American Student Association at the University of Massachusetts aims to create a supportive environment for Native students on campus and in the greater... [Read More]
Rachel Beth Sayet, the newest addition to the Five Colleges' Native American and Indigenous Studies program, is an Indigenous educator, essential oil crafter and Reiki... [Read More]
While nearly 200 University of Massachusetts students were occupying the Goodell building in March of 1997, Justin Beatty and the other Native students in the... [Read More]
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