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Hannah Duston, subject of the first publicly funded US monument to a woman, is implicated in the deaths of 10 Native Americans... [Read More]
A church, a turnpike and two bridges are among seven Tennessee sites recently added to the National Register of Historic Places. The Tennessee... [Read More]
Native Americans have long faced hardships and discrimination. [Read More]
The Department of the Interior is appealing a federal judge's ruling that blocked it from rescinding a reservation designation for land belonging to the Mashpee... [Read More]
The Native Americans who relied upon the abundant resources of the Gallatin Valley once knew it as the "Valley of Flowers." A mosaic of twisting... [Read More]
I believe that local Native American leaders could be asked to conduct the poll, and would be glad to do so, writes Joel Neilsen of... [Read More]
That Black lives matter is important to remember. Also, lost in this discussion is the plight of Native Americans. They have the highest infant mortality... [Read More]
It's a milestone the country was never supposed to reach. First, there were the reassurances: "Like a miracle, it will disappear," the president... [Read More]
Dahkota Brown was no different than any other Argonaut High School football fan that night.But as he entered the Calaveras High School football stadium,... [Read More]
P.M. Edition for July 31. Native American legal advocate Sarah Deer reacts to the recent Supreme Court decision that found a large swath of Oklahoma... [Read More]
GREAT FALLS- This Thursday, Junior Rangers are being taught about the food prepared by the Native Americans years ago. [Read More]
A federal appeals court has set aside the death penalty for the man convicted of planting a pair of bombs that killed three people and... [Read More]
Canton Community Television will continue to bring you recorded town remote meetings during this health emergency. Watch Government stations Comcast 22/Verizon 42. You also... [Read More]
Sarah Deer has dedicated her life to helping Native American survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. She says a recent Supreme Court ruling is... [Read More]
The Venango Museum of Art, Science and Industry in Oil City re-opened to the public several weeks ago after emerging from a state-directed closure because... [Read More]
Wisconsin was named for its rivers, which had been named by Native Americans. Historians state the word "Wisconsin" means "wild rushing river" or "gathering of... [Read More]
Statistical gaps can make it difficult to properly allocate public resources to Native Americans. When that's the case, one leader said, "tribal nations have an... [Read More]
A documentary about the life of "Little House on the Prairie" author Laura Ingalls Wilder puts her novels in historical context. That includes scattered racist... [Read More]
So let me get this straight: A professional football team from Washington, D.C. recently rid itself of a name offensive to Native Americans (and many... [Read More]
Exeter Chiefs have retired their 'Big Chief' mascot but will retain their name and logo following accusations that the club's branding is racist towards Native... [Read More]
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