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Biokraftstoffe aus Pflanzenöl werden zunehmend als Alternative zu fossilen Brennstoffen verwendet, trotz der wachsenden Kontroverse über ihre Nachhaltigkeit. Ein Forschungsteam unter der Leitung der Universität... [Read More]
Vegetable oil biofuels are increasingly used as an alternative to fossil fuels despite the growing controversy regarding their sustainability. In a study led by the... [Read More]
In a study published in Nature Communications, researchers from the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History's Department of Archaeology, together with international... [Read More]
In einer in Nature Communications veröffentlichen Studie, legen Forschende der Abteilung für Archäologie des Max-Planck-Instituts für Menschheitsgeschichte zusammen mit internationalen Partnern Belege dafür vor, dass... [Read More]
Other planets, they're just like us! It turns out Mars, Earth's red neighbor, also has earthquakes — er — marsquakes. Thanks to NASA's InSight lander,... [Read More]
The structure of a transport complex used by bacteria to import aspartate has been mapped in unique detail by University of Groningen scientists. The proteins... [Read More]
Movements and changes in 3D genome structure form knots and tangles in the DNA. Their resolution is a source of chromosomal breakage that may cause... [Read More]
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