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That's great, but WTF is sNEWSi?
The city Campaign Finance Board doled out more than $10 million in public matching funds to six Democratic mayoral candidates Thursday — with the largest... [Read More]
The survey, which queried roughly 33,000 New Yorkers from March 15 to March 28, found just 15% of respondents who used the city's trains and... [Read More]
One New Yorker, determined to make sure Asians feel safe in the city, decided to bring a touch of safety and solace to Asian New... [Read More]
New Yorkers visiting the High Line art exhibition next month will see a large fiberglass sculpture shaped like a Predator drone rising 25ft above the... [Read More]
After weeks of rumors and retractions, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, two of the world's great New Yorkers, announced today that they were ready for... [Read More]
The pandemic has rightly focused public attention on racial disparities and on the importance of accessible high-quality healthcare for all New Yorkers. Unfortunately, healthcare costs... [Read More]
The pandemic has only exacerbated existing racial inequalities for food insecurity, housing and, most glaringly, health care. For those working-class New Yorkers who have made it through this... [Read More]
Gary A. Abraham asks: Should we be degrading the environment for speculative environmental benefits of large-scale renewables? [Read More]
Is this part of that new normal we've been hearing about? Social media video showing an NYPD "robot dog" at the site of a recent... [Read More]
In difficult economic times, wage theft hits extra hard. There's more pressure for contractors to try to cut corners, and there's more pressure for workers... [Read More]
Public health experts warn it's not as simple as it sounds. [Read More]
McSorley said orders during the extra hour will translate to needed revenue for a business that currently is not making any profit. Although restaurants and... [Read More]
Bernie Madoff didn't use a gun or a knife, but he victimized thousands and stole billions, much of it from fellow New Yorkers. White-collar or... [Read More]
Sure, the tax revenue is nice. But …. [Read More]
There's good news for qualified New Yorkers looking to get vaccinated. The challenge to secure appointments is apparently easing up as thousands of spots become... [Read More]
So, is this part of that new normal we've been hearing about? Social media video showing an NYPD "robot dog" at the site of a... [Read More]
Two New Yorkers are among those in Washington introducing a bill that would expand the Supreme Court to sit 13 justices. Reps. Mondaire Jones and... [Read More]
'New York took a hit, but we're New Yorkers so we can take that punch and get back up,' the legendary actor says in a... [Read More]
Yang is backing legislation that would encourage New Yorkers to report placard abuse by giving them a cut of the fines. [Read More]
Good news if you're planning a vacation: New Yorkers traveling internationally are no longer required to quarantine. [Read More]
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