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As the Muslim community in Christchurch, New Zealand, grapples with the mass terror shooting in two mosques that claimed 50 lives and left dozens more... [Read More]
I want to revisit the issue of gun control, but first please be reminded that One Stop Early Voting in the contest for U.S. Congress... [Read More]
A British family's dream of starting a new life in New Zealand has been shattered after their teenage daughter was denied a visa because she... [Read More]
OPINION: Jacinda Ardern's flying visit to Beijing shows just how far the political landscape has changed. [Read More]
Far-right group leader Martin Sellner says he had received a donation, possibly from the Christchurch gunman. [Read More]
When she heard news earlier this month of the New Zealand massacre at two mosques, the reaction from Mary Khalaf and her husband was immediate... [Read More]
The Head Scarf for Harmony campaign was started by a doctor who heard about a woman too scared to go out as she felt her... [Read More]
Just before his shooting spree at two Christchurch, New Zealand mosques, the alleged mass murderer posted a hate-filled manifesto on several file-sharing sites, and emailed... [Read More]
I want to be his friend. :) A 95-year-old man from New Zealand took four buses to join a local march against racism to show... [Read More]
The 15-year-old was told she does not have an "acceptable standard of health" and giving her a visa would "impose significant costs" on health and... [Read More]
American supporters of gun control are aflame with admiration for New Zealand, whose government needed only six days after a mass shooting to enact a... [Read More]
A group representing Muslims in France is suing Facebook and YouTube over footage of the mosque shootings in New Zealand. The French Council of the... [Read More]
Movement sparks outrage, social media users accuse west of 'fetishising' headwear... [Read More]
How to curb the exposure of videos like that of the shootings in New Zealand. [Read More]
Robotic technology is transforming the way fruits are harvested. [Read More]
The Haka is one of rugby's most hallowed traditions, a ceremonial Maori war dance performed by New Zealand's All Blacks before each match. [Read More]
Chelsea Clinton is getting a lot of praise for standing her ground after being unfairly blamed for the New Zealand massacre of Muslims. And Donald Trump... [Read More]
in return for trying to shift Australia's public opinion on firearms. The revelations triggered a public backlash and condemnations from the highest levels... [Read More]
Kamel Darkish, 38, was murdered at the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch by a terrorist gunman during Friday prayers on March 15... [Read More]