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(Natural sound of game.) A Pokemon game from the Nintendo 64 era now has a modern spin. The " [Read More]
I miss Wario Ware, you miss Wario Ware, everyone misses Wario Ware except for Nintendo, who are being assholes and not making more Wario Ware.... [Read More]
Switch XL, Switch Pro, whatever. We have a lot of areas where it could improve. [Read More]
You can now build Nintendo's first console entirely out of LEGO bricks! Provided the nostalgia of it all doesn't make you explode, first. [Read More]
Amazon has restocked the Switch Pro Controller, and it's even on sale. [Read More]
It can be tough choosing between the Nintendo Switch and the PS4, as both are extraordinary machines. We compare the two so you can decide... [Read More]
The Nintendo Switch isn't the most comfortable handheld device, but these Nintendo Switch grip cases turn it into something that feels more like a Pro... [Read More]
Nintendo and Lego's 35th Anniversary collaborations continue in style. [Read More]
LEGO is releasing a LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System build kit for adults to recreate the NES of old. [Read More]
LEGO and Nintendo are giving nostalgia-addled fans a chance to build their own classic NES with a massive new brick set launching next month. [Read More]
Nintendo has officially removed Final Sword from the Switch eShop after realizing it used music from The Legend of Zelda series. [Read More]
Thanks to its trophy list leaking on Exophase, it looks likely that a classic Nintendo 64 exclusive will be launching soon on PS4. [Read More]
Yup, adults still play with LEGO, and this latest kit is precisely why. [Read More]
NINTENDO Direct rumours are coming in thick and fast, and some surprise Smash Bros news could prove the first full Direct in almost a year... [Read More]
The well-known classic platforming video game from the early era of video games sold at auction for a whopping sum... [Read More]
After the leak, Lego has confirmed the NES kit existence. ... [Read More]
A new Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite update has made some mysterious changes to the... [Read More]
LEGO has officially unveiled an upcoming set that centers around the Nintendo Entertainment System and an animated CRT TV. [Read More]
After many teases and leaks, LEGO has officially announced a set based around the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and is coming next month. [Read More]
NINTENDO Switch owners are urged to download a new update, as system software 10.1.0 is released. Does the new update make any significant changes to... [Read More]
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