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The Federalist Papers published in New York City; President Theodore Roosevelt is born; Egypian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin win Nobel... [Read More]
Although President Trump deservedly received four nominations for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize, and should have won, it was awarded to the World Food Bank. [Read More]
After praising his own acheivements with Serbia and Kosovo and Syria, Donald Trump quickly corrected himself saying he had received two Nobel peace prize nominations.... [Read More]
2020 Nobel peace prize went to UN World Food Programme... [Read More]
Nobel Peace Prize nominations are landing in President Trump's path like rose petals. Since last month, Trump has earned a stunning four such honors. [Read More]
Just the mere mention of President Trump being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize has liberals' blood pressure soaring to dangerously high hypertension levels. [Read More]
It was recently reported that Donald Trump was one of 300 nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize.  Relevant to this, we might want to consider... [Read More]
The United Nations' World Food Program, recently named a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, is aiming for zero food hunger by 2030. [Read More]
Have you heard about President Trump's three Nobel Peace Prize nominations for his recent landmark Middle East peace deal? Or his major investments in historic... [Read More]
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