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On February 17, the Star's Editor informed us she is dropping a popular Comic strip due to an offensive word slipping in. This seems a... [Read More]
The decision to drop "Non Sequitur" expressed by Jill Jorden Spitz is a knee-jerk reaction. This comic strip is one of the better ones in... [Read More]
Please do no discontinue the Non-Sequitur comic from the newspaper. It is one of a very few intelligent comics in your paper. We could easily... [Read More]
I want to thank you for making me look back to the February 10 Non Sequitur comic strip to find the "vulgar" word you said... [Read More]
I understand editor Jill Jorden Spitz's need to respond to a "vulgarity" included in the Feb 10 Non Sequitur. However, dropping the strip altogether is... [Read More]
Wiley Miller's daily comic strip in the Star is intelligent, thought-provoking, always artful, usually wryly amusing and sometimes downright funny. I can't say the same... [Read More]
I respectfully suggest that you consider NOT cancelling Non-Sequitur, and here's why:... [Read More]
Re: Non Sequitur. Questions for the Editor. Do you object to the language? Do you object to the sentiment? If it is the former, then... [Read More]
I write to strongly urge you to rethink your decision to discontinue the Non Sequitur comic strip. While his use of a vulgarity in the... [Read More]
I am a retired health-care leader who has lived and worked in a world of highly skilled and educated people. During that time I have... [Read More]
Re: the Feb. 17 column 'Star will drop 'Non Sequitur' over vulgar language.'... [Read More]
Re: the Feb. 17 column 'Star will drop 'Non Sequitur' over vulgar language.'... [Read More]
So, after nearly 30 years of cartooning and after apologizing for his mistake, you pull Wiley Miller from our newspaper? And the mistake: burying a... [Read More]
Re: the Feb. 17 column 'Star will drop 'Non Sequitur' over vulgar language.'... [Read More]
The Star's decision to drop "Non Sequitur" over one slip strikes me as an unfortunate example of just how judgmental and intolerant our society has... [Read More]
Letters to the Editor: Don't blame Clean Election law, Let's work on LTSS, What happened to Non Sequitur?. Maine news, sports, politics, election results, and... [Read More]
On Wednesday, we'll introduce a new daily comic panel, "Close to Home," which has long been part of the lineup in our Sunday comics... [Read More]
Gosh, darn it! That was quite a knee-jerk reaction for The Columbus Dispatch to pull the Non Sequitur comic from the newspaper over the Feb.... [Read More]
The Ocala Star-Banner has canceled "Non Sequitur" because of a foul, well-hidden slam on President Donald Trump that appeared in the comic strip on Sunday,... [Read More]
I appreciate the statement made by the News & Record — intended or not —in dropping Wiley Miller's cartoon "Non Sequitur" and replacing it with... [Read More]