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The United States and South Korea will conduct joint military exercises as planned later this year, officials said Thursday, despite warnings by North Korea that... [Read More]
In this update, a Northern Michigan man killed during The Korean War is coming home to be laid to rest next week. Corporal Charles Lawler... [Read More]
President Donald Trump met Wednesday with a diverse group of more than two dozen foreigners who have faced religious persecution in their home countries, including... [Read More]
There are signs that Trump may be softening on Iran — as he did after his full verbal assault on North Korea before backing down... [Read More]
North Korea on Tuesday suggested it might call off its 20-month suspension of nuclear and missile tests because of summertime US-South Korean military drills that... [Read More]
Suspected nation-state hackers from Russia, Iran and elsewhere have launched nearly 800 cyberattacks against political organizations over the past year that have been detected by... [Read More]
Microsoft's announces countries like Russia, Iran, and North Korea cyberattacked nearly 10,000 notified customers. [Read More]
Statements said the country could scuttle efforts to resume dialogue with Washington and even prompt the North to resume nuclear and long-range missile tests. [Read More]
A report by the Center for Advanced Defense Studies (C4ADS) maps out North Korea's supply network for getting luxury goods into the country... [Read More]
In May, the U.S. Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency was forced to suspend its efforts to return the remains of American troops killed in North Korea... [Read More]
This week, North Korea accused the US of "reneging on its commitments" by agreeing to hold military drills with South Korea from August 5 to... [Read More]
June 17 marks the 30-year anniversary of the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber's first flight. The world's only known stealth bomber, it is capable of dropping... [Read More]
One was a dodgy investment adviser who used a pyramid scheme to bilk unsuspecting Russians out of $10 million. Another was a Taiwanese businessman who... [Read More]
North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un often travels in armored limousines like the Mercedes-Maybach Pullman Guard 600. A new report from the Center for Advanced... [Read More]
Talks on getting North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons are at risk because the United States looks set to break a promise not to... [Read More]
It won't bring the regime in from the cold, but it will save lives. [Read More]
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un says the U-S is breaking its commitment, when it comes to conducting military exercises in the Korean peninsula. [Read More]
North Korea and South Korea have been drawn together in an Asian qualifying group as the road to soccer's 2022 World Cup in Qatar became... [Read More]
Esper confirmation likely within a week — Nuclear talks with North Korea at risk... [Read More]
U.S.-focused North Korean propaganda is always hyperbolic and always eccentric. But it does represent the regime's thinking. It thus requires our close attention. Especially when... [Read More]