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A 17-year-old boy has been rescued from Florence Falls in Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory. He was stranded about ten metres from the top of... [Read More]
The 22-year-old marine arrived to join the Marine Rotational Force in Darwin on Monday and was diagnosed with the virus on Wednesday. [Read More]
The croc was seen floating on the water's surface in the Northern Territory's Wessel Islands last Saturday as a shark lurked beneath it, circling the... [Read More]
Terrifying footage has captured a curious shark stalking a crocodile in crystal clear waters in Australia's Top End. The croc was seen floating on the water's... [Read More]
The extraordinary moment a freshwater crocodile is seen galloping across a remote outback road has been captured on camera. Naturalist guide Karla stumbled across the freshwater... [Read More]
Hilarious footage emerges of crocodile galloping across the road in the Northern Territory. [Read More]
Until 18 April, the Alice Springs Desert Park in the Northern Territory is home to the world's only Indigenous light festival... [Read More]
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