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What mother doesn't believe her daughter's story of being tied up by a masked attacker? A brave, compelling memoir... [Read More]
He's been dubbed "Bjorn", "Octopus" and "The Praying Mantis", but Cody Ramsey hopes Anthony Griffin will one day be calling him his fullback. [Read More]
My Octopus Teacher has a heartwarming story, but it's also got some breathtaking scenery. [Read More]
You'll want some tissues beside you for this one. [Read More]
Chef Carl Chambers of Cunningham Restaurant Group joined us today as their restaurant, Nesso prepares to reopen wish two dishes you're sure to love! ... [Read More]
The Third Day(Sky Atlantic)Des(ITV)My Octopus Teacher(Netflix)It's a longstanding gripe of this column that Britain simply isn't big or wild enough for anywhere to be properly... [Read More]
Movie critic Erin Keeney joined AM Extra with info about Dolly Parton's Heartstrings, "These Old Bones" on Netflix, "My Octopus Teacher," a Netflix documentary and... [Read More]
The New England Aquarium got a new resident... [Read More]
Netflix's new documentary 'My Octopus Teacher' is capturing everyone's hearts. Craig Foster's friendship with a live octopus is such an incredible story. So, who is... [Read More]
Do yourself a favor and watch My Octopus Teacher, a recent addition to Netflix. It's one of the most incredible and touching documentaries I've ever... [Read More]
"Y'all, if you have Netflix," she managed to get out before the sobs took over. [Read More]
Scientists from across the nation believe it's most likely a specimen of Haliphron atlanticus. [Read More]
A book that will offer readers an in-depth study of Bruce Springsteen's music is scheduled to be published in early October. Cassell, an imprint of... [Read More]
My Octopus Teacher review - a poignant love story between man and mollusc. There is amazing magic in this documentary of an... [Read More]
Scientists from across the nation agreed its most likely a specimen of Haliphron atlanticus. [Read More]
It was the unlikeliest of friendships that reignited Craig Foster's passion for life.Feeling a loss of purpose, the South African film-maker found a boost from... [Read More]
My Octopus Teacher is a fascinating account of how filmmaker Craig Foster formed a bond during daily swims with an octopus living in a kelp... [Read More]
Last year, Derek Christensen was a chef of two worlds. Mostly, he and his wife, Cait Christensen, ran a catering company, Moonrise Standard, known for... [Read More]
The attacker is described as having a "distinctive" octopus tattoo on his right shoulder. [Read More]
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