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Olaf Scholz's proposed policy threatens to plunge millions of people back into an effective lockdown... [Read More]
Angela Merkel's successor remains something of a cipher to the global community, which has set high expectations. Here's what his foreign policy could look like... [Read More]
It is time for the European Union 'to think about' making Covid vaccines mandatory across the entire bloc, Ursula von der Leyen has said, as... [Read More]
Merkel heir Olaf Scholz said he will push for a vaccine mandate and blamed the unvaccinated for the surge in cases. [Read More]
Incoming German Chancellor Olaf Scholz wants to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for all Germans and supports prohibiting unvaccinated Germans from entering nonessential stores, multiple outlets reported, citing... [Read More]
Olaf Scholz, who is set to take over as German chancellor next week, is in favour of mandatory jabs and also wants to ban the unvaccinated... [Read More]
Germany is set hold a vote on whether to impose a Covid vaccine mandate by the end of the year, the country's incoming chancellor has announced.Olaf... [Read More]
Olaf Scholz, who is set to take over as German chancellor next week, is in favour of mandatory jabs and also wants to ban the unvaccinated... [Read More]
Le futur chancelier allemand Olaf Scholz s'est dit ce mardi favorable à une vaccination obligatoire contre le Covid-19 pour enrayer la flambée d'infections dans son... [Read More]
Olaf Scholz, who is set to take over as German chancellor next week, supports making vaccination against COVID-19 compulsory and backs barring the unvaccinated from... [Read More]
BORIS JOHNSON has been warned the new German ruling coalition headed by Olaf Scholz has left Britain in a "vulnerable position" - and "has the... [Read More]
Germany's chancellor-designate Olaf Scholz has promised to take tough action to prevent the spread of the coronavirus as case numbers rise, while fears grow that... [Read More]
Olaf Scholz's incoming coalition plans to make abortions free and overturn a ban on advertising... [Read More]
and incoming Chancellor Olaf Scholz - faces a bleak 2022 with the country slipping behind other major economies including Brexit Britain, a former industry chief... [Read More]
OLAF Scholz, Germany's new Chancellor, is paving the way for a "full-blown superstate" encompassing the entire EU after outlining his vision of a "sovereign Europe",... [Read More]
Among environmentalists, hopes have been running high for Germany's new government. At elections this September, growing concern about climate change, boosted by the worst floods... [Read More]
Olaf Scholz, leader of the Social Democratic Party, said that the increase would lead to salary increases for 10 million people. [Read More]
Olaf Scholz clinched the deal of his life this week. Less than two months after leading his Social Democrats to a narrow victory at the... [Read More]
OLAF SCHOLZ was "prepared for a no-deal Brexit" before his election as German Chancellor, an unearthed newspaper report shows. [Read More]
GERMANY'S new coalition headed by Olaf Scholz has unveiled plans for €50bn (£42.14bn) worth of investment, while looking to find ways around the country's long... [Read More]
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