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According to Hulu, Palm Springs is a hit. All the signs point to Hamilton being a hit, too. (Specifically, data from Sensor Tower and 7Park.)... [Read More]
Almost as soon as The Old Guard arrived on Netflix last month fans started demanding …... [Read More]
The streamer may launch a franchise driven by one of the most diverse behind-the-camera teams assembled for a comic book feature. [Read More]
Now that films with a MPAA rating are being released on television streaming services rather than in traditional theaters, it may be appropriate to note... [Read More]
AUG 1, 2020 - Roberson officially returns Andre Roberson checked in with 5:12 left in the second quarter. After playing in three scrimmages, Saturday... [Read More]
As his odds of reelection dwindle, the marriage of convenience between Trump and the conservative old guard is starting to fray. [Read More]
Both of the "Kissing Booth" movies are among the most popular movies on Netflix this week, along with "The Old Guard." [Read More]
The Netflix film's star called diversity "a saving grace of our industry" before talking about his surreal experience of traveling during the pandemic during his... [Read More]
A team of immortal mercenaries embarks on a bloody path of revenge in Netflix's "The Old Guard." [Read More]
While early July gave me some great movies to review like "The Old Guard" and "Palm Springs," it seems like the end of the month... [Read More]
Hideo Kojima was on to something. [Read More]
« The Old Guard » made me consider other cinematic hugs and the supercut I'd make of memorable onscreen embraces. [Read More]
"The Old Guard" has a lot of excellent kicking, punching, running, and comic-book cliffhangers, but it's also a film with beautiful embraces. It celebrates platonic... [Read More]
One of the few bright spots in this god-forsaken year is the new Netflix film, The Old Guard. Director Gina Prince Bythewood's adaptation of the... [Read More]
Young crop of fishermen making old guard work a little bit harder to keep up. [Read More]
While exploring the concept of immortality, each character in "The Old Guard" comes from a different era, which plays into their relationships. [Read More]
Filmmaker and would-be Metal Gear Solid adapter Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong: Skull Island) might be going back to the casting department after a recent statement by franchise creator Hideo Kojima. [Read More]
An unexpected choice perhaps, but not a bad one. [Read More]
Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has picked out Luca Marinelli from The Old Guard as his perfect casting for Solid Snake. [Read More]
What makes her truly great in Mad Max: Fury Road, Atomic Blonde, and The Old Guard is her focus on the human capacity for wear... [Read More]
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