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New York Times: The actress-turned-director discusses One Night in Miami. [Read More]
"This is what I call effective art: something that can push a personal message forward." [Read More]
On the fictionalized retelling of the meeting of giants, Hodge says, 'That's one of the most powerful elements of this film, that it shows how... [Read More]
The following story contains spoilers from the movie "One Night in Miami," now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. [Read More]
Steve Martin gets COVID-19 vaccine, Regina King on "One Night in Miami..." casting, and Olivia Rodrigo's new record. [Read More]
The One Night in Miami star talks embodying the icon's humanity for Regina King's new film. [Read More]
Julie Dash launched her career with the widely acclaimed "Daughters of the Dust" in 1991 and has only made one movie since. Charles Burnett's "Killer... [Read More]
Regina King makes her directorial debut in "One Night in Miami." [Read More]
One Night In Miami gives audiences nuanced portrayals of Black American heroes Malcolm X, Cassius Clay, Sam Cooke, and Jim Brown. Kingsley Ben-Adir, Eli Goree,... [Read More]
To honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and MLK Day, Celebration Cinema is presenting two critically acclaimed films recognizing leaders in the... [Read More]
As terrible as it was for you, 2020 wasn't all bad for everybody. [Read More]
Record producer Phil Spector dies in prison, "One Night in Miami's" take on Malcolm X, Betty White turns 99. [Read More]
Movies with hype invariably owe their success to one of three things: Critics whose ideas of "good" and "bad" have been damaged by loads and... [Read More]
Regina King is having a huge week! Not only did King, who recently won an Emmy for playing Angela... [Read More]
The new Amazon movie, ONE NIGHT IN MIAMI, is a stirring, well acted drama about the night in 1964 when football legend, Jim Brown, activist... [Read More]
DC Film Girl Lauren Veneziani interviews Hailee Steinfeld and reviews "Dickinson," "Wandavision," "One Night in Miami" and "Locked Down." [Read More]
the four Black icons did gather that night, after 22-year-old Cassius Clay dethroned world heavyweight boxing champ Sonny Liston... [Read More]
Regina King's "One Night in Miami" bring four BLACK ICONS and shows a wild, crazy & intellectual night. [Read More]
Who is more adept at bringing change: the uncompromising firebrand or the affable incrementalist? Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen? John Boyega playing a black stormtrooper... [Read More]
"One Night In Miami" looks cheap, is every bit as contained as the stage play it's based on, and simple-minded. [Read More]
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