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As we charge and discharge the batteries in our phones over time, those cells degrade and they can't hold juice like they used to. Of... [Read More]
The upcoming 'OnePlus Buds' are expected to ditch the neckband cable approach for an AirPods-like experience. [Read More]
Today OnePlus confirmed that it will be launching its first true wireless earbuds, the OnePlus Buds July 21, the same day it will debut the... [Read More]
A lot of people may have forgotten the existence of OnePlus Buds amidst all the hype that has surrounded OnePlus Nord. To refresh your memory,... [Read More]
In typical fashion, OnePlus is leaving no stone unturned to hype up its new mid-ranger. Just like the norm before every phone launch, the company's... [Read More]
OnePlus confirmed this morning that its first true wireless buds will arrive on July 21 as the OnePlus Buds. After a number of versions of... [Read More]
OnePlus isn't just bringing the new Nord affordable smartphone to the party, but a new set of earbuds that addresses one of the biggest requests... [Read More]
OnePlus Nord is coming out on the 21s July via the world's first AR launch. Needless to say, after months of speculation, we are finally... [Read More]
The OnePlus Buds will be revealed next week. [Read More]
OnePlus has officially confirmed that its first true wireless earbuds – aptly named the OnePlus Buds – will arrive alongside the OnePlus Nord this month. [Read More]
Coming July 21... [Read More]
Comes with a premium design... [Read More]
Plus de détails arriveront plus tard dans le mois. [Read More]
More details will be coming later in the month. [Read More]
Details around OnePlus' upcoming more-affordable Android smartphone continue to emerge, with the latest spilling extra secrets about the OnePlus Nord's cameras. Expected to make its... [Read More]
OnePlus has (sort of) announced its first pair of true wireless earbuds. In typical fashion, the company has told us that the product is coming,... [Read More]
OnePlus has officially confirmed that its first-ever wireless earbuds will debut alongside the OnePlus Nord smartphone next week. Just as rumored, the earbuds will be... [Read More]
The OnePlus Nord may yet surprise us, as it may arrive in two different SoC variants. OnePlus and Qualcomm already confirmed that the phone will... [Read More]
OnePlus has just confirmed the name of its first pair of TWS earbuds. They will be called 'OnePlus Buds'. The company did that indirectly, but... [Read More]
Get your friends, or just more of your environment, in shot. [Read More]
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