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We asked: President Joe Biden just completed his first year in office. What do you consider the achievements and shortcomings of his administration so far? [Read More]
Apple Inc.'s holiday sales and profit totals were staggering once again, and CEO Tim Cook gave just enough of a forecast to satisfy Wall Street... [Read More]
This is a crucial time for city schools because of the pandemic. [Read More]
Electric bills are going up in Southwest Florida's largest city to pay off charter school debt, but many Cape Coral residents are not happy about... [Read More]
Twitter users mock 'embarrassing' Winter Olympics music video, which features patriotic rap group CD Rev, while fans on Weibo praise its melody. [Read More]
For a company named after a legendary archer, this one sure does miss a lot. One year after it halted trading on the "meme stock"... [Read More]
(OPINION) In today's segment, we discuss the progression of Metaverse Virtual Reality and how there appears to be a darker and more sinister agenda in... [Read More]
Two weeks ago, I made the "just five more minutes" mistake following a 5:50 a.m. alarm. I'm typically an early riser so I can fit... [Read More]
In a unanimous opinion issued late Thursday, the Idaho Supreme Court rejected all four legal challenges to the state's new legislative redistricting plan, clearing the... [Read More]
"One-side-fits-all" is exactly what public schools aspire to in providing a general education as preparation for youth to be valuable, contributing citizens. [Read More]
A hastily called special session will do more harm than good, especially as there are legislators who will work to extend the session to include... [Read More]
Yesterday I found myself shattered over the plight of the starving manatees. Several years ago it was the polar bears, walking out on those sheets... [Read More]
Sen. Steve Daines's opinion piece in the Sunday, Jan. 23 edition of the Missoulian is a blatant display of the current Republican platform of opposition... [Read More]
New rule: Team with league's best record deserves to have a starter in the NBA's All-Star Game. [Read More]
By refusing to provide arms to Ukraine, the Prime Minister makes war more likely, not less... [Read More]
Protest music has a new battlefield: the pandemic response. Old warriors like Neil Young and Van Morrison are back, but on different sides of the... [Read More]
With Joe Biden reaffirming his campaign pledge to nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court, the panel takes a look at who could be... [Read More]
The pandemic has introduced parents to new models of learning. Let's ensure they continue, with public financial support. [Read More]
Judge Jerry star Jerry Springer gave his legal opinion on Kanye "Ye" West's recent claims that he's barred from entering Kim Kardashian's home. Watch! [Read More]
In 2021, the battery industry was booming. Advancements in technology enabled more powerful and longer-lasting batteries, leading to a surge in their adoption in areas... [Read More]
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