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Donald Trump Jr. gifted President Trump and his campaign a new advertisement, claiming that Osama bin Laden endorsed Democratic nominee Joe Biden as a presidential... [Read More]
President Trump has increasingly raised a new line of attack against Democratic nominee Joe Biden, invoking his skepticism over the raid that killed Osama bin... [Read More]
Wounded Afghanistan war veteran Jason Church said Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden showed he isn't fit to be commander-in-chief by opposing missions that killed terrorist... [Read More]
The book, a follow-up of sorts to "Dreams From My Father" and "The Audacity of Hope," will be published around the world on November 17.... [Read More]
Barack Obama's long-awaited and much-anticipated memoir will be published on November 17 - two weeks after this year's presidential election.His reflections on his life and... [Read More]
Former President Barack Obama's new memoir will soon be available wherever books are sold. Penguin Random House on Thursday announced that Obama's 768-page memoir 'A... [Read More]
but not until after the November election.A flood of hot-selling political books have hit shelves in recent weeks in the run-up to the election. Readers... [Read More]
Daily Caller writer David Hookstead celebrated the return of Big Ten college football by comparing it to the Normandy landings and death of Osama Bin... [Read More]
Michael Scheuer, the former senior CIA official once in charge for the hunt for Osama bin Laden, has spent the last few months calling for... [Read More]
Heckler & Koch, one of the world's most successful gunmakers whose HK416 assault rifle is said to have been used to kill Osama bin Laden,... [Read More]
Moore notes that more Americans died under Trump's watch than were killed on 9/11 by Osama bin Laden... [Read More]
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