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International tickets booked in December so far have cost passengers 25% more than in 2019. ... [Read More]
The UK partners up with Italy and Japan to build a new Tempest fighter. The UK, Japan, and Italy have partnered up to create a... [Read More]
U.S. climate envoy John Kerry said it would "be great" if U.S. taxpayers would contribute financially to climate change but other countries will need to... [Read More]
Joe Biden's Climate Envoy John Kerry on Thursday joined Washington Post Live to discuss the US's 'climate agenda.' John Kerry owns mansions and travels via... [Read More]
Canada issued guidelines on Thursday that it said would lead to the ending of new support for the international unabated fossil fuel energy sector by... [Read More]
The road map for China's battered economy is highly uncertain after the easing of zero-COVID policies as it confronts challenges other countries have not had... [Read More]
The USA is known as the world's leading democracy country. The question may arise whether the USA considers it its 'right' to inform other countries... [Read More]
It is hoped the French scheme to end short-haul flights where there's a rail alternative could be adopted by other countries... [Read More]
India's central bank yesterday raised its main interest rate for the fifth time this year, but by a smaller margin as inflation eases and other... [Read More]
A lot can change in eight months – and grocery prices are no exception. [Read More]
The labor shortage is a growing challenge for Missouri's farmers.In Callaway County, Dennis Shramek turned to the pre-existing H-2A visa program for the first time... [Read More]
Kenya said on Wednesday it intended to bid to co-host the 2027 Africa Cup of Nations with other countries in East Africa.An official... [Read More]
Albania's last brown bear in captivity has been rescued by an international animal welfare organization and taken to a sanctuary in Austria. Four Paws on... [Read More]
Putin says it's the US that has deployed so-called 'tactical' nuclear weapons in other countries and Russia's own arsenal is purely a deterrent. [Read More]
Taiwan's foreign minister said Taiwan supported Chinese protesters and joined other countries in urging China to "respect basic human rights." [Read More]
Canada lags many other countries in reserves of key critical minerals such as lithium, cobalt and graphite... [Read More]
Much of Morocco's World Cup lineup grew up in other countries, but the team proudly celebrated its Moroccan roots after upsetting Spain. [Read More]
Winter brings about celebrations of Christmas and talks of Santa Claus for many in America, but other countries and religions honor different holidays and figures. [Read More]
Acidification is "not terribly bad right now" in the Gulf, but due to climate change, the water will likely become more acidic in the future.... [Read More]
Climate reparations? Americans won't pay out billions in climate change reparations to foreign nations. Other countries owe the US for all we have done. [Read More]
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